[International] [Q] 4.4.2 microSD card problems

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  1. ascanio1

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    I have problems with my microSD memory card.

    Out f the box (N9005) I flashed the Polish 4.4.2 (N9005XXUENA6_N9005OXXENA5_N9005XXUENA2_OXX) and then I rooted it (CF-Auto-Root-hlte-hltexx-smn9005.tar)
    I cannot remember precisely but before flshing the Polish version I think that my version was the middle eastern one.

    Some apps cannot see the ExtSD (Poweramp), some can see it but not write on it (Dropsync, File expertHD) and some can use it normally (Gallery, Root Explorer).

    I formatted the card and I checked that it is working. I experience the same problem with other microSD cards. So the card is not the problem.

    On another forum the problem is being addressed by:
    - replacing the file SYSTEM/ETC/PERMISSIONS/platform.xml
    - giving it new permissions (644)
    - giving new permissions to the file MNT/MEDIA_rw (777)

    Unfortunately all this doesn't work with my phone.
    Can anyone help me, please?
    I would greatly appreciate the help!

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    i moved you to the international root forum for better help

    not sure on your phone so i can't help....hopefully someone here can help you out if you still need it.

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