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  1. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member


    I have kit kat 4.42 un rooted international note 3.

    I noticed that recently applications tens to stop working. I get a pop up window saying..... Has stop working.. Only option is either ok or send report if it is a Google app. Does not happen with the current app which I have on at the time. It can happen randomly and also does not mean I need to be in an application. Pop up comes even browsing the phone. So far, none of the active apps turn off.

    This becomes annoying when I have waze or Google maps on. I get pop up windows of other apps failing.. There does not seem to be a trend about which app. Even Samsung Apps crashes

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    I would definitely say something went wrong when you flashed over the new ROM onto your device.

    I would suggest to factory reset and flash a newly downloaded version of the ROM back onto your device. You might also want to go to where you got that ROM and see if there are any issues like the ones you are reporting.

    Also, I am moving this thread into the Root Section for the International Note 3 :)
  3. mystvearn

    mystvearn Well-Known Member

    Thanks. Sorry for the wrong info. I meant unrooted device. The phone is stock

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