[International] remove custom recovery from xiaolu??

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  1. aya2aya33

    aya2aya33 Member

    hi, i have custom recovery from Xiaolu but not rooted. i want to go back to stock recovery to receive updates. can anyone pls help me?

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    You find the stock recovery and install it. You can't "go back" in the common sense of the phrase. Installing a custom recovery doesn't sit alongside the stock recovery, it completely replaces it, so there's nothing to "go back" to. If you remove the custom recovery you have no recovery.
  3. aya2aya33

    aya2aya33 Member

    thanks for the reply!
    im pretty new to the rooting process... so sorry for the noob questions.
    i am currently downloading a stock firmware(N9005XXUDMK2) to flash with odin.
    my problem is my baseband version is "n9005xxubmhk" and have 4.3, would it be ok to go ahead and flash that? im very confuse and would really appreciate any input before i make any mistakes.
    my goal here is to either go back to full stock and get official updates, since i am not rooted.
    or if i am stuck, flash to stock recovery and go ahead and restart the whole process of rooting.
    i hope im even asking the right questions here... :/
    ps: i tried the fc auto-rooting and kept getting stuck with "entering custom recovery" and the samsung logo... im assuming i was suppose to root before installing the custom recovery?

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