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[International] [Request]White S4 Keyboard SamsungIME.apk

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  1. Virtuality

    Virtuality New Member

    Hey Guys,

    I wish if someone with a rooted Galaxy S4 woould give me the SamsungIME.apk? If you keyboard is white please upload your SamsungIME.apk in this thread. I do not need the black keyboard I am searching for the white keyboard. I'd be thankful !:)

  2. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    Use Swiftkey. It has different colour schemes you can use, including white.
    Virtuality likes this.
  3. Virtuality

    Virtuality New Member

    Thanks friend,

    But I need the White S4 keyboard.

    Common guys, no one can do this for me?
  4. Kie

    Kie Well-Known Member

    This isn't a developer's forum unfortunately, so it's unlikely your requests for customisations will be met here.

    However I had a quick look on xda, and there's a few Samsung keyboard customisations here. Try those out :D
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  5. Virtuality

    Virtuality New Member

    No I do not need customized keyboards. I want the stock un-edited white S4 keyboard.

    Thanks for you help anyway!:)
  6. georgestouma

    georgestouma Member

    so can you give me the black one ... I need the s4 keyboard
  7. Rudedawg

    Rudedawg Well-Known Member

    Mines grey.And my phones white. didnt even know there was a white keyboard. I certainly see no reference to it online anywhere. Are you sure this exists?

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