[International] [Rooted] installed 4.3 JB and having issues

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  1. microsondo

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    I have a problem, i got the HTC one and i didnt like the HTC sense so i decided to get stock android and i tried to install 4.3 jelly bean. it worked but i cant do anything on my phone because it says android.process.media every time i try to do something. so i tried to go back to the recovery menu which works but it wont let me mount my usb so i cant load any files or anything on it so there isnt any way of me putting a different version of android onto it, so im not doing so well. does anybody have any suggestions ? i try to install the drivers on my pc but because android 4.3 isnt working enough to do anything it wont let me transfer data.

    thank you

  2. scotty85

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  3. InfernalByte

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    Try unmounting usb, then mount.

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