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[International] Rooted user in need of assistance

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  1. khalid0121

    khalid0121 New Member

    i need a stock ruu to work with baseband 4A.18.3263.15 and hboot 8064 . im on o2 uk

    i have a HTC ONE

    my phone is stuck in fastboot mode after i tried to revert back to stock and have locked it using the command prompt, the ruu i used was wrong

    please help me can someone give me the correct ruu

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    its very difficult to find a stock ruu without a build number,and there arent very many ruus available,considering the vast amount of variants of m7.

    i assume youve figured it out by now,but your situation is easily fixed by simply re-unlocking your bootloader.

    at this point,you can flash a rom,kernel,or whatever is needed to get back toa working phone. :)

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