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  1. dingdong3000

    dingdong3000 Member

    I have a slight problem with Wi-fi not able to switch off while turned on cos the toggle is greyed out unless i reboot.

    This happens when Wi-fi goes to sleep and 'wakes' up again after a duration when i power on the screen. I'm unable switch it off unless i disconnect my network in settings>wifi. This also prevents my Wifi not switching off when going back to sleep too. :/

    I have the HTC One M7, ViperRom8, Rooted, S-OFF, 7.19.401.2 firmware.

    Any advice or solution will be appreciated, Cheers!

  2. anoniemouse

    anoniemouse Well-Known Member

    Are you using TWRP recovery as that is the required one for that rom, if so then:

    Have you checked through to see if this is a bug with the rom.

    If so & it is not it may be worthwhile downloading the rom again & reinstalling it.

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