[International] (rooting) Is anybody else on KitKat?

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  1. chickent1ts

    chickent1ts Member

    Hi all..

    Newish member here. I had another account but I've never been a heavy poster here. Just an avid fan/user. I'm since locked out, but I'm sure some of you will recognize the s/n reference. ;P

    I'm wondering who else is running 4.4 after the latest sense updates?

    I've found several stock rooted ROMs now. It's perfect for me. I was able to unlock, (including bootloader and SIM unlock) my HTC from one carrier and re-flash it to vanilla HTC sense w/o all the proprietary bloatware.

    I'm just checking out 4.4 w/ SU as we speak. Here is a link to the .zip....this was what I was unsure of when making the thread. I didn't know if there was an existing link/ROM thread or what, but I didn't see one.

    Download HTCOne/M7/roms/Sense4.4/One_4.06.1540.2_odexed.zip at DownloadAndroidROM.com

    Thanks for all the great tutorials and info err'ybody. :smokingsomb:

    *Edit* Painless upgrade was painless. Booted into recovery (TWRP 2.6.3), wiped/factory reset (I don't know if it's totally necessary, but when I do this,it seems to lead to less issues with new ROM's), installed .zip...worked flawlessly the first time. Would tell a friend. ;)

  2. InfernalByte

    InfernalByte Well-Known Member

    Devs aren't working on 4.4 until the new base is released. Which is expected any time now.
  3. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    there are AOSP roms from cm,and based on GPE updates,and there are sense roms based on the developer edition updates. i know maximus hd has updated its base to the 4.06.1540.2 update,and im sure there are others as well.

    i typically like to run unbranded european roms,but the dev edition is a good alternative :D

    im currently running stock rooted dev edition 4.06.1540.3(minor OTA last night :eek:)

    carrier updates should be coming soon as well,so there should be plenty of choices soon enough :cool:
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  4. chickent1ts

    chickent1ts Member

    That's actually what made me look was the OTA that kept nagging me in my sense 4.3 install. It was a stock, but rooted. I'm not a guru enough to know all the finer points of what makes an OTA not work, but mine was being a pain. So I just downloaded one pre-rooted, (although here too, I guess if it was close enough to stock I would have been fine anyways).

    I can't really say I see all that much difference in the sense 4.4. The only difference I've noticed thus far are like 2 menus and a lock screen.

    I'm not sure why I felt I *HAD* to have the latest. I guess b/c I've never owned a phone that was that bleeding edge before. Now that I do, I'm bound and determined to load every shiny thing onto it that I can.

    "Devs aren't working on 4.4 until the new base is released. Which is expected any time now. "

    Sure. What's a base??

    As you can tell, my level of expertise is...spotty at best. Atrocious at worst.

    And D-sploit. Why did no one tell me about this app sooner? What a bunch of wifi shenannigans it is. total blast if you're into that sort of thing. I spent the other morning at the laundromat side-jacking peoples logins for hoots (grey hat). That or re-directing them to pictures of dongs and kittens.
  5. henryronny

    henryronny Active Member

  6. chickent1ts

    chickent1ts Member

    Yeah. I tried CM11 w/gapps. To many things seemed not to function right, so I ditched it.

    I kind of like stock rooted. :|
  7. henryronny

    henryronny Active Member

    Dat screen off animation doe....
  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    I am a huge fan of AOSP and cm roms. I run cm 11 on the DNA I use at work and am quite fond of it.

    Having said that,Sense 5 is a step up from older versions(tho not nearly as visually appealing as sense 4) and not nearly as objectionalbe,plus I hate to admit,blinkfeed has somewhat grown on me. :eek:

    boomsound,beats,and zoe especially keep me running stock or stockish roms on this device. If I were willing to give that stuff up,I'd likely give the GPE roms a try if I found cm to be unstable.
  9. chickent1ts

    chickent1ts Member


    So I guess encryption doesn't work for storage unless you take the OTA update on this ROM. Anyone had any luck sideloading the OTA's and keeping root? If I can't encrypt my phone, or find a ROM that has the OTA to 4.06.1540.3 incorportated, I guess I'm stepping back to 4.3.

    I'd rather have an encrypted storage than a shiny pin screen. :(
  10. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    what firmware are you on? typically for an OTA(manual or downloaded) to work,you need not only the stock recovery,but also a relatively stock system with all bloat still installed,the correct release software version and its matching software.

    having said that,if all criteria are met,you dont really need to worry about losing root,just relfash superuser afterward. i changed mid and cid and ran the 3.22 ruu,then manually applied OTApkg to get from 3.22.1540.1 to 4.06.1540.2. i OTAed from .2 to .3

    if you run superSU,spring for the pro version,wich has an OTA survival mode. i watched it work on a friends DNA going from 4.1 to 4.2,but ive never personally tried it.

    if you cannot find a rom,id prolly be talked into fixing you up with a blank nandroid of .3,if that helps :)
  11. chickent1ts

    chickent1ts Member

    I know. I'm just going back to 4.3 stock rooted.

    I'm not sure where to look for firmware version. I know my current software version is 4.06.1540.2

    I've done a little research, and apparently this is not just my issue. For encryption to work on kit kat, you pretty much have to be stock and take the update.

    So meh.

    And yeah, I knew you can't really do OTA with custom ROMs, at least not easily, and if so, it's prone to bugginess. I just wondered if anyone had found a way around that.

    W/e. I have all my apps backed up, so the flash should be fairly painless. I live in a place where cell phone theft is really common, so I'd prefer being able to encrypt my device. :|

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