[International] S4 Nfc Broken!

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  1. benshannon97

    benshannon97 Member

    First off If i put this in the wrong place I am sorry!

    I am an Orange/EE Uk S4 user and i rooted my phone with i got it with chain fire auto root! I lost nfc and i tripped knox warrenty!

    I ordered a new phone from orange and it came so i booted it up to check that the knox warrenty wasent tripped! lucky for me it wasen't so i have rooted my phone with an undetectable root software now.

    I am running 4.3 JB And when i go to send a file i have no NFC option! i hit the settings so i know that its not the options menu thats messing me up!

    I have supplied an image of my AP CP CSC for if needed!
    (imgur: the simple image sharer)

    Thank you for any help I may Or May Not Get

    -Stay Awsome, Stay Rooted!

  2. Thom

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    Welcome to Android Forums. I moved this thread to the forum where root-ed versions of your phone are discussed.

    ... Thom
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  3. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Could you post a link to this.
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  4. benshannon97

    benshannon97 Member

  5. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    Interesting Chinese site. I can't say that I delved into it much as it, "seems", to be a download that replaces /system files... a bit like Root de la Vega. It could be that these have broken your NFC capability.... depending on your next answer, below.

    You are saying that your replacement phone did not have NFC before you rooted it? It could well be that your replacement may have been a returned unit that had an NFC fault. If that is the case, I would demand another replacement as NFC is working on stock, un-rooted, firmware.
  6. benshannon97

    benshannon97 Member

    It the phone stock when I received it because orange has no way to reset it and they check for NFC as part of tests
  7. benshannon97

    benshannon97 Member

    I have fixed it my self. I forced 4.3 NFC service apk to data/apps and gave it 0644 cm

    Thank you for helping :)

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