[International] Status 7 errors when installing a new rom

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  1. Sydney99

    Sydney99 Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    after somehow screwing up my phone at the end of last week, I've found myself needing to re-install my favourite ROM. However, I kept getting a "status 7 error".

    I assumed it was a problem with the latest version of Philz, and being a lazy chump, PMed uncle rusty bum, who pointed me in this direction:
    "see How To Fix Status 7 Error with CWM Recovery on Rooted Android! by some irritating guy. Can't vouch for it."

    He was right, that guy is quite possibly the most irritating guy you'll see on youtube. It's worth watching if you want to have a laugh.

    Anyway, that lead me on to find a much easier solution that I thought i'd share:

    If you get the status 7 error, choose the install zip option in Philz recovery, and simply untick the "Don't allow old update-binary " option. then flash your zip file and it will work.

    happy days, and a much simpler solution than that annoying youtube monster.

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  2. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    Will know better next time lol, flashed an older cwm that I had
  3. Riche101

    Riche101 VIP Member VIP Member

    Mine was unticked I had to tick it for it to work
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