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International Talk/TextSupport

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  1. sizwizz

    sizwizz Member

    I'm going to Jamaica soon, and they offer free wi-fi at the hotel. I have a Samsung Galaxy Proclaim through Straight Talk, is there a way to send text (and maybe talk) while I'm out of the country if I have an app of some sort?

  2. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Set yourself up with a Google Voice account.
    Google Voice will send text messages and if you install GrooVe IP Lite, you can use Google Voice over Wi-Fi to make calls.
    Neither will cost you anything so feel free to install and try right now to be sure it works before you head out.
  3. sizwizz

    sizwizz Member

    I have a Google Voice number, and I can access Google Voice SMS from my android phone via the internet. But will my Straight Talk phone be able to access the internet through the hotel's wi-fi in Jamaica, for me to get to my Google Voice? (I know... I know... but I just don't really know about these things.) I guess it's no different than than having a mini-computer in your hand, right?
  4. DarkJedi

    DarkJedi Well-Known Member

    Yes. You need to use 2 apps.
    1) Google Voice App (for send/receive SMS via internet)
    2) GrooVe IP Lite (for send/receive phone calls via internet)
    Both will use your Google Voice phone number.
    As for internet access... if the hotel is offering free WiFi... its kinda worthless if it doesn't connect to the internet. :) You *may* have to use your phone's browser first... surf to a website and see if it pops up a message requiring you to promise to not use the WiFi for bad purposes.

    There are people all over the world that use GrooVe IP Lite to make phone calls for free. Including soldiers in Afghanistan.

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