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[International] The HTC One root thread

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  1. dingdong

    dingdong New Member

    Thanks Hadron!
    My HBoot is 1.44 and its Android 4.1.2

    I'm looking to use this guide (How to Root HTC One) so hopefully be pretty straight forward and will all be of ease to root it.

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    you dont like our guide here? :eek: :p

    just holler if you have any questions :)
  3. dingdong3000

    dingdong3000 Member

    Thanks scotty85! I've still yet to root my device as work is getting in the way!
    There seems to be a nice little AIO kit by hasoon so might give that a try.

    Really feel like a knob as I need bit of refreshing.

    Right got my HTC bootloader unlocked, rooted and s-off. Is there any point in doing SuperCID atm if i'm not flashing firmware yet?

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  4. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    nope I use my normal AT&T Cid it's easy enough to change when needed
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  5. Abdur

    Abdur Well-Known Member

    If there is anyone else here with difficulty rebooting into recovery, I found a few steps that helped me a lot in finally managing to enter recovery mode:

    1. Turn off fast boot option in power menu
    2. Boot into bootloader via power menu, then power + vol down
    3. go into fastboot
    4. from a cmd window, fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    5. fastboot erase cache
    6. from the menu, boot into recovery
    7. phone boots to the OS instead of recovery
    8. boot back into the bootloader via power menu, power + vol down
    9. TAMPERED shows up, boot into recovery and it works!

    Taken from this XDA post: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=40941695&postcount=6
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    i recently flashed maximus,wich is based on leaked 4.3 build 3.09.401.1,and its matching firmware. this gave me an opportunity to play around with hboot 1.55. i observed the same thing you did: i could not fastboot boot,nor fastboot flash a new recovery. i had to pack it up and flash it as an ruu.

    in addition,i was unable to change my CID. was trying to flash a vzw cid(dont ask ;)) and couldnt. nor could i flash back to my stock cid from supercid:
    Code (Text):
    2. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="Red"]fastboot oem writecid VZW__001[/COLOR]
    3. ...
    4. (bootloader) Start Verify: 0
    5. (bootloader) Input CID is not super CID
    6. (bootloader) Start Verify: 0
    7. OKAY [  0.053s]
    8. finished. total time: 0.060s
    10. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="red"]fastboot oem writecid T-MOB010[/COLOR]
    11. ...
    12. (bootloader) Start Verify: 0
    13. (bootloader) Input CID is not super CID
    14. (bootloader) Start Verify: 0
    15. OKAY [  0.052s]
    16. finished. total time: 0.058s
    saaaaaay whaaaaaa :eek: so now im back on hboot 1.44 as well. the other things were an inconvenience,but i cannot be stuck on supercid! wonder what they are doing with these new restrictions?? :confused:

    Code (Text):
    1. c:\miniadb_m7>[COLOR="Red"]fastboot oem writecid VZW__001[/COLOR]
    2. ...
    3. (bootloader) Start Verify: 0
    4. OKAY [  0.018s]
    5. finished. total time: 0.021s
  7. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    That's even worse actually! I couldn't fastboot boot with 1.54, but I was able to fastboot flash recovery.

    If they keep that up there's going to be little point in offering an unlockable bootloader.
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  8. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    thats exactly what i was thinking. if i hadnt had all these OTA,ruus,and other files, and a pretty good idea what i was doing it would have been a pretty good moment of panic. as it was i was pretty uneasy until i was safely back on 1.44

    its going to be a huge PITA to unlock and root then new builds if they all will be that way :mad:
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  9. clsA

    clsA Well-Known Member

    All they have to do now is close fastboot oem rebootRUU and we are all screwed.
    I'd be very careful flashing anything above hboot 1.55.0000. It still works now but who knows about the next release. And you can't always go by the hboot number the new 1.44.0000 from AT&T also shuts down revone and some fastboot functions
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  10. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Maybe it's early, but I couldn't wait for the Verizon HTC one. Any idea when there will be a Cyanogen Mod, root guide, etc? There were a couple of posts on XDA a while back, but nothing much to see that I can find.

  11. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    The first few posts of this thread are a root guide, and when I visited cyanogenmod.org the other day they had various builds available for the One (I assume you have an international model), so I expect you could download and install now.
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  12. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    so you have a verizon one,correct? your post does somewhat lead us to believe youve purchased a different modle rather than wait for vzw.

    if you have any other variant,this guide works fine,and if you happen to be on un-s off-able firmware from att or t mobile,dongrades exist.

    if youh ave vzw,you had to have gotten it on release day an unlocked it before they shut the door,or you have to be willing to send your phone to colorado to an xda member whose purchased a java card to s-off using a diag file: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2441299

    once youve gotten s-off,you can use this guide,you just need to use a vzw compatible recovery. there are directions in the 2nd post of that thread to install recovery without unlocking the bootloader as well.

    unfortunately,the cid and radio secure flag are locked down pretty tight. there may eventually be a software expolit to either unlock ot s off,but nothing on the immediate horizon.

    i personally send my one x to sonic,and had no issues. if you want root/s off its a perfectly viable option.

    they are working on cm 10.2 for the vzw one,but its not stable at this point,to my knowledge,but i do not really follow that development.

    just holler if ya have any more questions! :)
  13. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Thanks Scotty! Sorry to be unclear. I do have the Verizon HTC one and want to root it and install Cyanogen. Really disappointing to read the details. This sounds a little over my head. I guess I'll wait for now and see if there's ever a software exploit.

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  14. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Well, Scotty, (and the rest of you guys) I think I'd like to try to get my Verizon HTC One rooted. Before I start the process, can you help me walk through some of the steps? I've been reading the "HTC One root thread" and I'm a little unsure of a few things:

    My goal is to have Cyanogen Mod on the phone like I did with my d-inc.

    1. To start, I assume I contact Verizon and have them reactivate my dinc (the dinc has no sim, 3G, so I guess that's my only choice). It's rooted and backed up with Titanium, so I'll restore the One from that.

    2. Should I reset the phone to wipe it and remove the sim card before mailing?

    3. I mail it, it comes back, do I reactivate it or wait until I've successfully flashed a rom?

    4. "once youve gotten s-off,you can use this guide,you just need to use a vzw compatible recovery."

    How do I know what's vzw compatible? How do I get it on my phone?

    5."-put the superuser zip file onto your phones sd card"-- my phone doesn't have removable storage. Where do I put the zip file?

    6. Looking ahead, there is a link now for the vzw One on Cyanogen, but only a couple of nightlies. Maybe I should wait until there's a stable build?

    Thanks again for any help.

  15. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    this link should help you. ive been meaning to reproduce this in the vzw section here,just havent gotten to it yet: the htc one S-OFF via java card support thread - xda-developers

    comonly asked questions,and recovery links/directions in post 2

    sorry for the quick response,im on my way to work... will be happy to go into more detail later :)
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  16. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    So I found my way to that XDA thread and step 2. I have no idea the difference between trwp, CW touch, and CW classic. I guess CW classic would be most straightforward? Is there some command in there that allows the stock backup you mention? Just nervous about getting lost in this process. I'll keep reading... Thanks, Mike
  17. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    They are all just custom recoveries. I'm using TWRP myself. A non-touchscreen recovery (CWM classic) may actually be the least straightforward!

    Once you have a custom recovery booted you can back up your ROM before rooting.
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  18. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Thanks you guys. I'm just going to bite the bullet and jump in. I suspect if there are nightlies for CM now, someone will follow through to a stable mod. I hope not to bug you guys, but I may have a post or two when I get my phone back with s-off.
  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    you wont bug us,thats why were here :D
  20. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Hi Guys,
    I'm back and presumabley S-off. You're right, quite fast and easy (thanks Sonic!). So now...

    1) change cid back to stock verizon

    this is actually very easy. simply put the phone in fastboot,change to fastboot directory,and enter in a cmd window:
    fastboot oem writecid VZW__001

    Ummm... Do I need to set up fastboot as in "set up adb and prepair to root" in the other thread or is fastboot already there? I installed HTC synch to get the drivers as you suggested. I downloaded the miniadb_m7, unzipped, etc. Assuming I follow all these steps correctly and it checks out, how exactly do I "put the phone in fastboot"?

    Assuming I get through that, I thought I'd leave the bootloader locked (seems easier?). Download CW touch and flash the zip as per your guide. My eventual goal is to get Cyanogen back once the mod is stable (five nightlies so far) so I guess I need "permanent" recovery. Where's the step that allows me to backup the stock rom?

    You're "root with windows" guide ends with flash superuser root files. I notice that my phone has superSU on it since coming back from Denver. Is that the playstore app you mention? I'm a little lost on this one. I found the super SU zip file. How do I "install from sd card"?

    Thanks again,

  21. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    One confusing thing is that there are two fastboots (plus the "fast boot" option in Sense, but that's something completely different). There's fastboot mode on the phone, which is an option in the bootloader menu (boot while pressing volume down to get this). And there's the fastboot command on your computer, which you use when the phone is in fastboot mode. That will not be there unless you have set it up already - it does not come with HTC Sync - so I expect you do still have to do that (will come with the adb setup).

    If your phone has come back with superSU installed it may have been rooted. Use one of the root checker apps from the Play Store to test, or install Titanium Backup (which needs root) and try to run it.

    If it is rooted you may even have a custom recovery already installed. Go into recovery mode (bootloader menu then select recovery). If this gives you CWM or TWRP rather than the HTC recovery (which usually looks like a black screen with a warning triangle) you are sorted and don't need to install this.

    You make the ROM backup using a custom recovery, either permanently installed or temporarily (if fastboot boot still works, as it doesn't with some hboot versions. If not then it has to be a permanent install).
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  22. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hope that helps.

    for now,id prolly concentrate on getting your drivers working,and being able to connect to your phone with the cmd window in the booted OS (adb devices) and with the phone in fastboot (fastboot devices)

    once youve got that part working,you can adb reboot recovery aND see what pops up. my guess is that youll see twrp recovery. if you see a red triangle and ! then youve still got a stock recovery

    in the booted OS,you can:
    adb reboot to reboot the phone
    adb reboot bootloader to boot to fastboot
    adb reboot recovery to boot to to recovery

    in fastboot you can:
    fastboot reboot-bootloader to make the bootloader reboot
    fastboot getvar all to list some phone info :)
    fastboot oem writecid VZW__001 to change your cid
    fastboot reboot to boot back to the OS

    last and not least,some troubleshooting steps:
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  23. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Thanks, Hadron. I like the titanium idea. I backed up my rooted d-inc with it and I'll try that. I found the bootloader menu. Is that a tiny touch sensitive interface or do I navigate with the volume buttons and then hit the power button to select? I did the latter- went to recovery and hit the power button to select, but then the phone just seemed to shut down (no triangle). Not sure if I'm doing something wrong here.

    Yikes! I think Titanium is working! I installed it and superSU asked for it to have permission, etc (yes, of course). Am I rooted!?! Should I use the playstore clockwork "Rom Manager"? If I'm rooted, I have two goals: 1. delete some bloat. Still, when I go to apps in Sense, there's no option to uninstall. 2. flash CM, but I'll wait for a stable mod

    I'll keep playing with it. Looks like a Saturday wrecker... Hard to put down...
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  24. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Cool! :)

    Only here for a few seconds, so will have to be brief.

    Bootloader isn't touchscreen. You did it the only way you can.

    Black screen for recovery sounds wrong. Best might be to find one for your version (cdma handset may need a different one from gsm, so try the Verizon ATR forum for links. Check compatibility of stuff before flashing). When you have a good image you can fastboot flash that, which will let you take nandroid backups & flash ROMs. Am very surprised no working recovery though.

    Personally I'm not a fan of ROM Manager. It does nothing that you can't do with a custom recovery, so is "one more things that can go wrong" in my mind. Hence I've never used it, so can't really advise.

    Anyway, good news. You're well on the way :)

    Safest way of experimenting with bloat is using Titanium to freeze it. As you are S-Off it can also uninstall, but freeze is easier to reverse if there's a problem.
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  25. Mike W

    Mike W Active Member

    Update: root checker app confirms root! Going a little slower, I see that the bootloader screen is not touch. It says "unlocked" at the top, so obviously I guess the bootloader is unlocked. I tried again, went to "recovery" and hit the power button and it just rebooted the phone so I guess I don't have CW or twrp on it. I seem to be several steps ahead on Scotty's guide, though. I'll try to get the recovery installed now...
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