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  1. SGS3er

    SGS3er New Member

    I have a problem. When I open up CWM on my rooted (I think its rooted, I can run apps that require root) phone, this error appears
    How to fix please?
    Running ICS 4.0.4
    Rooted with Odin and used this tar file: CF-Root-SGS3-v6.1

  2. KJohns

    KJohns ROM/Application Developer Developer

    did you flash a custom recovery when you rooted the device? if not here's a link: ---> Team Epic: CWM Recovery on all SGS3 LTE Variants
  3. rowlers

    rowlers Well-Known Member

    DON'T flash that recovery above, its for LTE variants. As your in the international S3 forum I'm guessing you don't have a LTE S3!

    Have you flashed a JB ROM? If Yes, then CWM MANAGER app is not 100% compatible, hence the message. The actual recovery is 100% compatible though! Yo just need to boot into recovery to do you stuff ;)
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  4. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    I prefer to access it via a reboot menu.
  5. SGS3er

    SGS3er New Member

    I didn't flash anything but the cf-root 6.1 tar file.

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