[International] To Root or not to root?

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  1. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    This thread will help you make the choice.

    1) Rooting in itself is no more dangerous (in my experience and opinion) than using Kies to update. If you do it properly.

    2) Rooting in itself will not stop automatic updates for your Note 3 either OTA (Over The Air) or via Kies. Installing a "custom recovery", needed to flash modifications will.

    3) Rooting may or may not trip the Knox flag, installing a custom recovery after rooting definitely will do. Tripping the knox flag is irreversible and depending on (seemingly) where you and your device are from, what Samsung service centre you use, and whether the people you deal with there are in a good mood or not (I jest, but it appears to be this arbitrary) may or may not invalidate the manufactures warranty. Assume it will.

    4) You can unroot and carry on using your phone as it was, without any harm what so ever. Provided you never need to use Samsung Knox.

    Knox is explained here in the Samsung Galaxy S4 forum. All is pertinent to a Note 3 (with thanks to senior member Ironass)


    5) Root in itself won't give your device anything noticeably different, it is what it allows you to do that does that.

    6) Is your still unsure by this point, don't root. It really is that simple. It can brick your device permanently, although it won't. It will allow you to do things you didn't know we're possible. And finally it will eat into your free time if you get bitten by the bug.

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    ^ +1.

    On;y 2 problems here:

    1) Knox has more holes than Swiss cheese. A piece of wet tissue slapped against your door where it meets the wall is more secure.

    2) Why tie a blown Knox flag to the warranty at all? I'm retired. My "employer" doesn't care if the device I bring to "work" (a room off the sun porch) is secure or not, as long as I remember her birthday.

    Samsung did this for 2 reasons - to make it look as if they were doing something to address a "problem" that doesn't exist (the internet, per se, is insecure, so making a secure phone is about as effective as putting a dry towel in the ocean dries the ocean up), and to give us another hurdle in flashing custom ROMs that make theirs look bad.
  3. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    1) Yes it has, and it (Knox) has been ripped apart as you allude to. Just don't expect Samsung to admit it, but do expect them to make rooting and modding harder and harder for we that follow guides and try things. I find myself understanding more and more about Android and coding, but I am no developer, and I doubt I ever will be.

    2) not only her birthday, but I would imagine your anniversary eh?

    On a more serious note (pun was unitended) , I use my Note 3 for work, I take site photos with it and either email them direct to the client or more commonly a drop box account for the office to use. I occasionally write a complete site report myself and stick the photos and report on a flash drive to use later on a PC. I'm sure what I do is against company policy regarding data protection, but my immediate bosses (who own the franchise license and are my employers) are relaxed about it all. If things change there is no way I'd let my employers near my personal phone. They'd have to buy one for me rather than contribute towards my monthly bill.
  4. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    The guy who used to deliver heating oil to my house didn't drag a trailer full of oil behind his personal car, the company supplied him with a truck. If the company wants an employee to use a cellphone for work they should supply it. Then "Knox" consists of handing your phone in when you leave the job.

    Much better security than allowing them to wipe a particular partition of the phone's storage. It's too easy to take "secure" data, copy it out, then copy it to the non-secure area, so when you leave the job, and they wipe the secure area, you still have the secure data to take with you. The company only has the right to access the secure area of your phone with a Knox-type "security, they have no right to your private information.

    So Knox doesn't even make logical sense, regardless of how badly it was implemented.
  5. thahim

    thahim Well-Known Member

    I have rooted my n9005 runninf 4.3
    I used cf root flashed it through odin
    So ill get ota updates?
  6. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    You used to be able to with Jelly Bean (4.3), but it is looking like from kitkat (4.4) onwards this has been stopped.

    It maybe that it is my custom recovery that stops them rather than just rooting, but it has changed since I updated to Kitkat. This is what I get when I look for an OTA update :


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