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[International] [Troubleshooting]screen not locking during call

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  1. IncredibleSyd

    IncredibleSyd Member

    My phone doesn't lock screen during call. the backlight does go off, but does not lock, and my check keeps touching the screen causing it to hang up during the call.

  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    what phone do you have? (htc incredible S in your avatar there)

    if you have an HTC ONE:

    are you rooted?
    has this always happened or did it recently start? add/remove any apps?
    do you have a screen protector? case?
    soft reset?
    soft reboot by pressing the power button down for longer than 10 seconds until phone reboots
    using any 3rd party launchers?

    the phone should NOT lock screen normally. it does not for me and that is what i expect.

    what settings have you activated to get this function to happen?
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  3. IncredibleSyd

    IncredibleSyd Member

    yeah HTC ONE

    yes it's rooted

    it's always happened

    but it should LOCK during a call shouldn't it? otherwsie my check keeps touching the screen and ending my call

    and i haven't tried a soft reset as of yet
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  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    helps to know its rooted. moved to rooting sub forum.

    kindly post your ROM you are using-even if stock rooted please post.

    under normal conditions, when the phone is against your face whilst on a call, the screen goes dark so your cheek will not touch any controls on screen.

    when you remove from your face the screen lights up and is back at the same screen as before it went dark. this is normal behavior.
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  5. IncredibleSyd

    IncredibleSyd Member

    yes, i understand that is normal behavior, but my cheek is touching the screen during a call and activating settings which end my call (normally the "flight mode". i never had that with any other android phone. i'm pretty sure that is normal behavior..
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  6. IncredibleSyd

    IncredibleSyd Member

    is there any more help? should i just take it to my provider?

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