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[International] TW based ROMs ?

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  1. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

    I would prefer AOKP and tried so far the original AOKP, C-ROM, CM11, IOAP, Resurrection,

    I haven't tried BOBCAT, X-Note or Alliancerom yet (X-Note is TW based I think anyway), but I wonder what else is out there.

    There are SOME features I wouldn't want to miss, but I would still prefer stability over features.

    All AOSP / AOKP based seem to have similar bugs, which frankly, bugging me. There are screen issues when receiving a call for example. I have seen this on all of the above (AOKP, C-ROM, CM11 etc.) where you receive a call, hold your phone to your ear and then you are unable to turn the screen back on. Hanging up is sometimes only possible by pressing the power button.

    I am not the only one but it bugs me too much to use it as a daily driver. Another thing I have noticed (more UK specific) that recorded TV shows using BBC iPlayer, start playing funny almost at the same time .. 45 minutes in or so. Streaming is fine, other stored content is fine.

    Again, not sure what it is, but it annoys me enough ...

    So hence my thought in trying a TW based ROM (using Nova Prime anyway).

    Is there any good TW Rom out there ? I would head over to XDA but you get verbally tortured for not reading through every single post of a 1000 page thread so I try to avoid that place unless I am getting direct links to bits of information I need :D

    Edit: Just installed BobCat and threw it out again - not my cup tof tea - way too gimmicky for my taste ...

  2. Gomjaba

    Gomjaba Well-Known Member

    This section really is quiet :)

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