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[International] Wakelock problems in stock settings

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  1. zipn

    zipn Member

    Anyone found out what in the kernel/1013 is causing these wakelocks? I know few may even care and live with the idea that there is none.. But would like to know if anyone with a rooted phone know what function/app is causing audioout_2 and alarm_manager / kernel to turn into massive battery drains?? This phone working, will drain about 0.3-0.7 % batteri while not being used(Have multiple times this working fine) but the phone constantly goes into a wakelock problem, factory reset twice and second time i stayed in total stock- the problem still happend.

    Contacted samsung twice both the supports ive spoken to were aware that there was a problem and they hoped it would be fixed in kitkat 2014 Q1.... I hope i can fix it before that.

    Don't get me wrong, this phone in a wakelock state can still score nice battery time, but im not interrested in having a half working phone, when i know it can do better..

    Over and out! - And Thanks in advance!

  2. zipn

    zipn Member

    Really no focus on this in here? I am pretty surprised that I even had trouble finding something about it on this forum, but is it really such a dead topic or do people just don't care that the phone don't work proberly??
  3. LilianTepes

    LilianTepes Well-Known Member

    For me, not answering is not because I don't care. Just that I cant be of help in this problem. I am sure, that when someone who is able to help reads this, they will try to help. Patience :)
  4. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    I've found some apps to help you identify your problem http://www.*****************/how-to...s-for-extending-android-battery-life-in-2013/ the focus of the article is wavelock and wavelock detection. Now that I know you have a rooted phone just let me know which carrier your using and I can move this thread to the proper "All things root" sub-forum for you. You'll probably get more input there.

    Welcome to the forums zipn.

    update: evidently the hoster of the article doesn't allow copying the url so where you see the stars put in one click root . com in the appropriate format for a url to access it.
  5. zipn

    zipn Member

    Sorry, My phone is not rooted, I was interrested in knowing from anyone with a rooted phone, if they know if they have found a stock app that cause extreme wakelocks!

    I dont want to break the warranty by rooting. already using BBS and WD but to no help.. :/

    My phone constantly ends in a wakelock loop after a few hours.. every day I have to restart my phone..
  6. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    Some of the apps in the article work with non-rooted phones. Did you update your carrier info? I'm using the mobile version of our forums so I can't tell. :dontknow:
  7. zipn

    zipn Member

    Ye already using wakelock detector, bbs and trying that battery app you linked to aswel(bought it).

    As far as I know my phone is not "linked" to a carrier, its "open" if you can call it that. The model is a n9005. My provider is Telia, which dont have anything on the phone or anything to do with the actual phone other than providing me with net.
  8. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

  9. zipn

    zipn Member

  10. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    I'm not rooted, but plan to be so now that Samsung have clarified their policy on rooting and Knox. I would check this out, but to be honest I really don't see the point. Don't get me wrong you've found a problem with wake locks, almost certainly due to poor coding either by Google or more likely Samsung. Samsung however are aware of it and promised that 4.4 will rectify it.

    My phone holds charge well, it's smooth, responsive and is lightening quick I really think you've found a non issue. This is why your not having any response. Give it a little time though some one else may be interested.
  11. zipn

    zipn Member

    What is this clarified policy on rooting and knox you are talking about??? I am very interrested in changeing the ROM/root/kernel!

    The problem seems to have to be something with charging the phone, I can get the phone to work and it will go back to a bad state after a full recharge, but yes I see your point- although, it's not like they said that their was being made a fix in kitkat or that they actually looked into that, but they just HOPED that it would work when kitkat would come out.

    My problem is that I can be at work where i use the phone for maybe 5mins max to check mails or texts, mby a call or two and then when im ready to go home its on 75%... That is not normal with a 3200mA battery
  12. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

  13. zipn

    zipn Member

  14. zipn

    zipn Member

    This is how my phone act everyday, it works with some deep sleep(Sometimes 0s0s) at the start/morning, then it reach a point and it will stay awake rest of the day.. Nothing special activated or changed, it just randomly reach a point and then stay awake. This is a personal problem for me, as it means that my $700 gadget aint working. wether it holds battery or not, its a problem.

    Screenshot from my dropbox:
  15. dynomot

    dynomot Well-Known Member

    You are right, but I honestly think your getting in knots about something and nothing. There is a wake lock keeping the phone from "deep sleep", it could be anything from FB to an app polling randomly rather than at a set time. Wake locks are not a problem, it's how they are implemented that is.

    Basically what Samsung are saying is that rooting and installing a custom recovery, ROM or whatever will trip the Knox flag (basically a flag telling the state of an eFuse which is either OK and secure 0 or blown 1). They say a warranty repair may or may not be valid on a Knox tripped device, depending on what it is. The phone if Knox is tripped and the eFuse is blown will work perfectly normally unless you want to use Knox. Knox will not work on it as it's security cannot be guaranteed hence the "Knox warranty" status.
  16. zipn

    zipn Member

    The time it starts to stay awake is indeed random, thing is, when it starts to stay awake, it stays awake. It never goes back into deep sleep at any point, so draining 2%+ battery /hour from me not using it at all. I have many times where it worked perfectly fine and drained about 0.5% /hour. That is why im annoyed, I hardly have any apps, all syncing is disabled etc. it still does it. I removed the facebook app a week ago as I though that was the problem. So I wouldnt say its nothing since going to work and actually use my phone would almost mean that I would have to bring the charger... That is a HUGE problem for me. If it just correctly went into deep sleep, then I would not even get near using the battery in a work day.

    Heres a shot from when it had syncing on, facebook app etc.:

    This one survived, untill I recharged the phone, after recharge it goes into a sucker state, everytime! It's like that, I get it working finally after lots of work, restarting many times/remove battery/reset cache, after that it keeps battery wonderful, I charge it and BOOOM it goes into a awake state few mins after unplug..
  17. zipn

    zipn Member

    I have started to think its either poor signal or wifi as both is present at my work! I didnt recharge my phone last night just to check it, and it was working at home and when i wokeup it had many hours of deep sleep, in short, it did go to deep sleep like 80%+ of the time That I can accept. But now as I got to work, it have started to stay awake, therefor I belive it can be either of those twos mentioned above. I work at a school so theres MANY access points, allthough It should only stick to the one in my room, but it should be able to scan alot more than this one, could it be constant scanning for wifi because of that? or could it stay awake of the phones signal is bad to my supplier? Atleast I can say now that it have nothing to do with the recharging im afriad its because of the bad signal to my phone network supplier as it would make most sense, since I live in a apartment which I can find many wifi networks in aswel...
  18. zipn

    zipn Member

    Hey guys, just to finish this thread. I found the problem. Problem was bad Wi-Fi network at my workplace. It's a bit unstable because there is MANY users, so I belive its because its a bit unstable that my phone will stay awake to keep trying to fix the signal. Atleast i found out if i just disable wifi before i leave home in the morning, it will not have any wakelock problems. Thanks for the interrest anyways! :)

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