[International] want to root note 2 (international) without clockwork recovery

  1. prasadsawant47

    prasadsawant47 Active Member

    I have rooted my galaxy ace by downloading root file (.zip) booting phone in recovery mode
    and selecting 'apply update from sd card' thats it.but rooting galaxy note 2 requires cm and odin and what not:(
    I seriously don't want to brick my phone , is there a simpler way to root note 2?

  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide

    If it is on 4.1.1you can use exynos abuse on playstore Otherwise I suggest you use mskip's toolkit available on XDA. It gives lots of options and clear instructions

  3. rattymon

    rattymon Active Member

    Just man up and get over to the xda forums. CWM is amazing and the best tool for gaining root and flashing new roms.

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