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Internet Browser not working after 4.0.3 updateSupport

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  1. crankyfrank118

    crankyfrank118 New Member

    Hey all!

    1 st post! YAY

    Anyway. i recently update my S2 to 4.0.3. Ever since the update i cannot browse the net, either through google search or internet browser. My apps seem to access the net fine like Facebook, twitter and even my email.
    Any ideas?

    cheers Frank

  2. Geekyninja

    Geekyninja Member


    I had the same issue. My provider is optus and they wanted me to sign in or something each time I tried to open the browser.

    I found my old internet shortcuts worked fine but I could not browse

    I uninstalled my browsers, got rid of the short cuts then reinstalled them.

    I now have some functionality.

    Since ICS my browsing is more annoying, i'm not a chrome fan as the screen wants to tilt when i'm trying to move it accross and firefox now uses 4 search engines and makes you choose one before it searches. BUT its better than nothing.

    Im hoping things will be fixed with the next update of ICS, after looking at my battery dying quickly, longer charging times, and everyday use of the galaxy being more complicated, with most accessories not supported for this smartphone... i'm trying not to think apple is better....

    Hope this helps!
  3. desaputra

    desaputra Member

    Had the same problem... Clear data on setting > application > all > internet... Then it solved.
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  4. robinta

    robinta Well-Known Member

    The APN details might have been cleared or not selected. Check in settings > wireless and network > mobile networks > Access Point Names. If blank do a search in google for APN for your provider and update.
  5. BevD

    BevD New Member

    Many Thanks desaputra,
    Fantastic, only had my phone 5 days and thought it may have already buggered up.
  6. allu933

    allu933 New Member

    thank u so muchhh dearrr

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