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  1. Chrisco1972

    Chrisco1972 New Member

    Good Morning!

    My Galaxy S2 is giving me a Force Close message whenever I try to access the internet.


    The application Browser (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. FORCE CLOSE

    Is this something I can fix? Do I need to take it to the carrier for repair?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!


  2. gtbarry

    gtbarry Well-Known Member

    This really isn't a fix, but you could always just download one of the many browsers available in the Play store.

    If you are lucky, in my opinion, you will be able to download chrome.
  3. ExtremeNerd

    ExtremeNerd Well-Known Member

    Menu, Settings, Applications, Internet, clear data/clear cache. Reboot.

    Always clear data first if there's an issue with any app
  4. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Do this then try a battery reboot, by removing the battery and putting it back in and restarting the device.

    I would then suggest if it still doesn't work to download a different browser on the Play store, whether it be, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Dolphin.
  5. Chrisco1972

    Chrisco1972 New Member

    This worked perfectly! Thanks all of you for your assistance. Greatly appreciated!!

  6. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    Glad we could help :)

    Feel free to ask any more questions that you have as well!

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