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  1. stevensworld6

    stevensworld6 New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I have a problem using internet in my SG SII. If i try to use INTENET browser using WIFI everything works fine, including facebook, youtube, IM apps and of course the internet browser. But when i try to nevigate usind data service (Cables & wireless Panama) all applications work properly except INTERNET BROWSER :mad:.

    I can watch youtube videos, check facebook, and also download apps from market, but when i try to acces any webpage the internet browser shows Web page not available screen, as if i lose the data service.

    I have already tried installing dolphin browser HD but the result is the same.

  2. semus

    semus Well-Known Member

    Im not sure why this could happen,
    but try going to:
    settings\applications\manage applications\ all aplications\
    in it scroll down to find internet, and in that "Clear Data",
    maybe a reboot then,
    and see if that works?
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  3. stevensworld6

    stevensworld6 New Member

    It works, thank you! :D

    This has happened several times, do not know why, but I think will happen to me again :(
  4. semus

    semus Well-Known Member

    no idea. :|

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