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  1. adwarner

    adwarner New Member

    Hi all,

    I've had my Galaxy tab 2 10.1 for about a week now and have just this morning been playing with the internet settings. However I have now lost the top bar of the internet screen, including the tabs, and crucially the button to get back into the settings. Have I somehow gone into a full screen mode and if so how do I get it back to normal, or how can I get back into settings?


  2. AJP007

    AJP007 Member

    Just a thought dont know if this will reset to default settings...but try this..
    Hold "Home Button" (bottom left side) until the Task Manager Pops Up ..then Kill the Internet process..
    Then open the Stock Browser again it might return to default... dont know but maybe it will work.!
    Also if you press the Favorites or Bookmark Button (top right) this opens up with another window and there is the Settings Access as well...
    or go into Settings > Applications Manager and click on "All" then clear "cache" and "clear all data"....and "launch default"....!
    alternatively you can check in Play Store and re-install another ICS Browser if all fails..!

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