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  1. SouLz

    SouLz Active Member

    Hi guys

    Seem to be having a slight issue with my internet. Internet seems slow at times but works pretty much all day upon till a point where it won't work. Browser won't load pages, apps and games can't connect to internet yet it shows the 3g or H symbol at the top. The arrows stay gray and won't light up either like they normally do when you use the internet.

    I've tried turning the mobile data off and back on.. no luck. Restarting the phone won't fix it either I simply have to do a battery pull for 15 seconds and then it will work fine for ages.

    Could this be an operator issue or a phone issue as I can easily ring up orange.. well EE as its called now lol


  2. radhx

    radhx Member

    I also encounter same issue once in a while.... no net access but 3G / Edge symbol on top. But restarting my XE solves the problem till the next hang.

    What I have noticed though is, if I leave some net app like Play Store or Browser running in the background (not exiting completely) for a considerable time, then this issue occurs.

  3. Sandeep1PN

    Sandeep1PN Member

    i experience same issue and rebooting my XE resolves it.

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