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  1. birdypriyank

    birdypriyank New Member

    I hav samsung galaxy tab 7310 and a symbian nokia fone. Want use my phones internet on the tablet without rooting the device. Is it possible?Do CDMA and GSM internet dongles work on this tab?

  2. bbcamp2

    bbcamp2 Member

    Check out Easy Tether or FoxFi apps. Both are advertised as root-free. Verify your carrier won't block tethering or hit you with use charges.
  3. bbcamp2

    bbcamp2 Member

    Previous assums your phone is an android.
  4. birdypriyank

    birdypriyank New Member

    Thnx but my phone s symbian
  5. joyandme

    joyandme Member

    I have an HTC Vivid phone and Galaxy Tab 8.9. I have a SIM card in my tab and a 3 GB data plan. To get wireless internet to my laptop, I had to buy a 5 GB data plan with tethering/hot spot. I tried to get wifi on my tab from my cell but it won't connect even though it shows it there. I think AT&T must have it blocked from sharing the GB between devices which stinks because I use my tablet more than my laptop, but couldn't reverse the 3 and 5. I HAD to get 5 GB if I wanted tethering/hot spot, otherwise I could have gotten 3 GB.

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