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  1. aussiejovimum

    aussiejovimum New Member

    Hi there, I'm New to this forum and new to Android phones, and need some help desperately.

    I brought myself a htc wildfire for a xmas present, and put my original sim card in as I usually do when I change phones, and have had nothing but trouble. In order to get it to connect to the internet, I had to redo all the apn settings, and then I couldn't send or receive MMS. Gave up in disgust today and did a factory reset. Phone would connect to WAP pages, and send and receive MMS fresh off the reset, however it wouldn't connect to the interent so I couldn't sign into the market place etc.

    had to change the apn settings for the internet to fix the problem with the marketplace log in, but now I can't access any of the WAP pages.

    The phone is locked to Telstra in Australia and I've re-done the internet settings several times, and I'm at my wits end. About to take it back to the shop which will be a shame as I really like it as a device, but this is getting silly now.

  2. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    I dont know how things work in Australia, but in the UK I can get my network to send me a text with the correct APN/MMS settings, that way I know they're all correct. Also I presume you know that you have to have a Gmail account to be able to download from the Market?
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  3. aussiejovimum

    aussiejovimum New Member

    I have a google account for the Market place, but unless I fiddle the apn settings from the default it won't work.

    I've tried getting my network to fix this, they spent an hour last night and got no where, and I managed to solve part of the problem after 5 mins on google, but that left me unable to send MMS
  4. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    I can't think of anything else it can be. When you say the network tried to help you last night was that on the phone? If so the next thing I'd do is go back to the store you bought the phone from, tell them to set it up for you, and don't leave until you're happy with it. Hope it workd out ok.
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  5. aussiejovimum

    aussiejovimum New Member

    it seems to be okay now. One of the girls at work put a different browser on the phone for me, as it seems I can access the internet, just not using the apps installed on the phone (go figure). I work at the telco shop I brought it from, so I bugged the guys at work heaps over it. Think they are glad to see the back of me this year lol.
  6. campioni06

    campioni06 Well-Known Member

    The wonders of modern technology eh. Still, good to know it's all ok now :)

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