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Internet only WiFi - URGENT HELPSupport

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  1. rsousa72

    rsousa72 New Member

    New X10mini user! I have already connected the phone to my wifi net at home (and it is working).

    How to access internet only using wifi connection?
    Anyone knows a way or a apps that blocks the GSM net connection and use only wifi?

    On my company mobile (nokia e72) i'm able to to define how I allow the internet connetion with 3 options:
    1. GSM
    2. WIFI
    3.GSM and WIFI (best signal)

    Thank you for your cooperation.
    Rui Sousa

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forums!
    There's program called APNdroid, which blocks GSM (and EDGE, 3G) data. If you have GSM (not CDMA), you can use this.
    Second way is to disable data transfers (Settings / Wireless & networks / Mobile networks - and deactivate data transfers there).
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  3. rsousa72

    rsousa72 New Member

    To KejlyCZ
    Tnak you very much for your help!
    It was exactly what I needed.
    Rui Sousa
  4. rsousa72

    rsousa72 New Member

    Sony Ericsson X10 mini user

    Being new user of Android OS, I had been installing several apps in order to try the system,the apps and how all this works....

    Some of the apps I only install to see how it works (for example funny camera effecyts), try it for a few times and then uninstall.

    But I'm having 2 main situations that I had been searching apps to solve it but I can
  5. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    1) I use "Ghost Commander", but it doesn't show the installed apps. You can browse the system and sdcard, but Android system structure is not like Windows (ie. not in Program Files, but in /data). It's possible to uninstall apps from "Market" application (Menu, "My downloads") or from Settings :
    Sony Ericsson - Support - Phones - Detailed - Uninstallapplicationsfrommarket - Xperia? X10
    If you install app, it doesn't show as widget (on normal Android, I know SEX is different, my siter also has SEX10), but will show in app list (called drawer), try to navigate there. This should be called "Application bar" and is accessible from homescreen. In worst case, you can add the application shortcut to homescreen (from the homescreen, tap applications bar, touch and hold an application until it appears on homescreen).
    Good help can be found on Sony Ericsson web (just for Android 1.6, but most of it is valid for any Android version) :
    Sony Ericsson - Support - Phones - Topic - Android16 - Xperia? X10

    2) Application can be moved from Android 2.2. If you root the phone (be able to adjust system, load ROMs with new system and and void the varranty), you can install Android 2.2 or use Apps2SD application, which creates extra partition for applications on SDcard, According to Sony Ericsson there will be Android 2.3 update for SEX10 available soon (end of Q2 or early Q3 for non-operator customized phones). So if you're not familiar with rooting, want to be able to install official updates and want to keep warranty, I recommend to wait for this.

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