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Internet pass thourgh on Acer S120?Support

  1. Vandenbus

    Vandenbus New Member

    Been searching high and low but I cant find anything on my phone so here goes.
    Is Internet pass through (reverse tethering) possible for the Acer S120? I dont want to root (i would likely screw it up) and I dont have a data plan (cause Im cheap).
    Im pretty tech savvy but I aint no Bill Gates or Stephen Hawking, or their android equivalents.
    Someone help me out!

  2. Internet pass through from what device? A computer?
  3. Vandenbus

    Vandenbus New Member

    Yes. Work and home laptops.
  4. Ok well if you have a wifi card in your computer, there are a few programs for the pc that will let you turn your computer into a mini hotspot. As far as doing it by usb, only a few phones support that feature.

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