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  1. elephantpolo

    elephantpolo New Member

    Hi all... wondering if anyone can give me any advice?

    I've had the SGP for a couple of months now and its been fine. I have a contract with a 500mb allowance a month. this was fine last month, but after only 6 days this month I've max-ed this out and had additional charges of

  2. XplosiV

    XplosiV Master X is Watching You VIP Member

    Not had this happen to me, but if you want to stop it happening you 'could' use just 2g networking.

    It might also be an idea to see if you can do a shortcut to 'running services' as through this you can kill processes that dont need to be loaded. Assuming that whatever is using your bandwidth allowance needs a running process, this could be key in identifying suspect apps.

    Might also be an idea to get an antivirus, two main ones I can think of are 'lookout' (but its reported that it does drain your battery a fair bit) or 'Antivirus' just to make sure you dont have any nasties from the web.
  3. t1melady

    t1melady Member

    Can you do without your phone for a few days? If so turn it off and if you can check your allowance usage with you PC then keep an eye on it. That way you can check and see if some how someone else is using your bandwidth or if something weird is going on. :cool:

  4. noddle

    noddle Well-Known Member

    It sounds like a bug because I have that many apps (over 30) and dont even go over that in 2 weeks. I would use an app called Lookout to check for any bugs and if it keeps happening still then reinstall by backing evey app using an app called MyBackupor Astro.
  5. Beerkan

    Beerkan Well-Known Member

    What is your Baseband No?

    About Phone
  6. gavynlewis20

    gavynlewis20 New Member

    Ive also been having this problem. My SGP drained 400mb of internet allowance in a week. Im on three so cant swith from 3g to 2g. Ive had to bar my account to avoid charges. Can someone please give me some ideas? ive disabled background data and sync and have checked running apps where there are no changes to when i first bought the phone.
  7. t1melady

    t1melady Member

    My husband has also had this problem

    3 credited back the charges and my husband bought the additional top up

    Wonder if this is a scam by 3 to get people to spend more and buy the extra top up?

    I've checked my husbands phone settings and apps and nothing is accessing the internet so no reason for this extra usage

  8. oslomon

    oslomon New Member

    help me :-( im connected to the internet but i cant use internet >.< what do i need to do :-(

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