Internet Radio connectivity issues through Apps (EVO)

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    Sep 9, 2010
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    One of my favorite features of modern smartphones is the ability to listen to internet radio while I drive/work out.

    Unfortunately, with the EVO, be it on 3g or 4g (I'm in Dallas), I'm unable to maintain a consistent connection through the internet radio apps that I've found (Xiialive, Streamfurious, TuneIn Radio).

    The stream will work for 2 minutes or so and then lose connection.

    The kicker is when I access the radio station through it's website page, it plays uninterruptedly (this is less than ideal, however, as it will stop playing if I turn the screen off).

    Do you guys have any thoughts or ways to get around this? I never had this issue with iPhone apps and my EVO's connection seems better.

    The radio stream in question, if you are interested, is .


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