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  1. urielr92

    urielr92 New Member

    Ive got SGS2, 2.3.6 unbranded stock rom.

    When i try to tether wifi to my laptop,
    i can connect to the SGS' AP but cant surf the net. I am able to surf the net via phone's browser.

    i've tried several laptops and an Iphone also.

    googled for solutions but couldnt find any.

    Please help me.


  2. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    I could never get it to tether via wifi either. USB cable works fine for me though. Why don't you try using that.

  3. szukai

    szukai New Member

    Try manually setting the DNS on your wifi connection (i.e. to

    I was able to get it working this way.
  4. Russell Ng

    Russell Ng Well-Known Member

    This was a long time ago. Actually forgot I mentioned something in this thread. I actually got the wifi tethering to work. Its actually my PC issue. Running Windows XP and had to use fixed IP for office wifi. The problem was the PC can connect to the phone via wifi but couldn't surf because the IP used was the one for office which is sort of restricted. Don't ask me how. It just is. As long as its set to automatic, it works fine.

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