Internet use on samsung galaxy ace plus

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  1. jenniebuns

    jenniebuns New Member

    hey everyone please help me with a problem i have...

    i have the samsung galaxy ace plus and i love it.. i use the internet a lot but only when im in a wifi area.. when there is no wifi available i often need to use internet but cant connect... can i please get yer help as i cant figure it out myself....

  2. alpha0990

    alpha0990 Well-Known Member

    settings, wireless and networks, mobile networks. check that use packet data is on.
  3. jenniebuns

    jenniebuns New Member

    my packet data is on but it wont work... any other help please would be great
  4. jsgage

    jsgage New Member

    Check with your cell network you are with and make sure your have some kind of data package. Not all packages/pay as you go sim cards have data/internet by default

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