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  1. meckanick

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    I have browsed many a conversation here when I have had issues or questions. Only now have I registered to participate in forums. I guess I see the big picture now. Most everybody that particpates here all work together to help, fix, develop, and anticipate new developments. So, I am off the sidelines.
    Been toying around with rooting and apps. Best sources I have found are here and xda. May get more in depth with ROM's and whatnot. Dunno... it's all about the spare time as long as I don't have an expensive brick... then it's important of course.
    No dev background here or training. I am a cross trained tradesman (electrical, HVAC, carpentry, etc.) I get paid to be a handyman of sorts. And I enjoy fixing and modifying things myself so that leads me here.
    So, as a newb... I salute you.

  2. petersf

    petersf New Member

    Welcome to this forum...
  3. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Glad to have you aboard. Thanks for joining the community. Have fun! <(&#65507;&#65078;&#65507;)> []~(&#65507;&#9661;&#65507;)~* (&#65507;&#65103;&#65507;) (&#65507;&#711;&#65507;)
  4. DonB

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