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Introduction,Arkas and the latest ROM

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  1. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Enigma is two man squad or whatever .
    We make custom ROM/Firmwares for Samsung Galaxy 551 .



    Ajay191191: Kernel modder ,he does the difficult stuff.He creates the engine on which the ROM works.

    karandpr : Me !!I modify frameworks ,create artworks ,decide apps in ROM and modify the ROM ,developing a custom Arkas app,pre-rooting the ROM,and publishing the ROM on my blog .
    I have a killer smile as you can see.

    pinkflozd : Unix-veteran and the second kernel dev of enigma . The newer 0.6 will be powered by his kickass kernel

    smoke87 :- Another kernel dev whose kernels we used in 0.533 and 0.564 .

    ROM name :[/COLOR] Arkas .
    The usual
    custom frameworks ,
    Live wallpapers inclusion
    ext3/4 support
    faster memory management ,
    huge apn list,
    changed launchers,
    removed some bloatware
    Runs 5 deg cooler than stock due to undervolting
    100 points Quadrant jump

    Stable builds

    Check my blog for details where the ROM is hosted .
    All about Samsung Galaxy 551 and more

    Area -21 kernel : - Most stable kernel 667 Mhz max clock used in 0.4,0.401,0.432D,0.432S,0.433
    Mercury -7 kernel - Unstable kernel clocked at 780 Mhz used in 0.5
    Grim-5 kernel - Stable kernel clocked at 748 Mhz and can be clocket to 806 Mhz
    Tremor -19 kernel - Stable and first build for Galaxy 551.Used in 0.564 .

    Countries tested and Working
    France (AZERTY)
    Germany (QWERTZ works with austrian settings)
    Indonesia (Language issues)
    Thailand (Language issues)
    Czech Republic
    Argentina ( The 3G/GPS problem solved by kraka23)
    Brazil ( The 3G/GPS problem solved by kraka23)
    People from countries who used but never commented

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  2. mll

    mll Well-Known Member

    Kudos guys
  3. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    0.432 on fitness regime
    It is more faster due to snappier framework and slimmer ROM
    Check out the blog
  4. chandu9013

    chandu9013 Member

    Oh man finally finally i could find a ROM for my 551....Im very new to this so excuse me if i am asking any silly question...But does this improve my battery life?
  5. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Marginal increase due to undervolting .The phone's 1280mAh is just not enough.
    Also depends on user .I can stretch battery to 48/49 hrs and burn every last bit in 5 hours !!
  6. aashishlive

    aashishlive New Member

    Hey thanks alot for such a great work...
    Really Helpful!!:)
  7. mburaksayici

    mburaksayici Member

    Why dont u develop android 2.3 updatin'?
  8. CJ9620

    CJ9620 Active Member

    does bluetooth work?
  9. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    I repeated it many times . And I am repeating it again. It's a custom ROM ,so if you are afraid of voiding warranty or damaging Phone or if you have any qualms in your mind ,stay away from them .
    We hold no responsibility against any phone damage .
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