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  1. dailygoodstuff

    dailygoodstuff New Member

    I am an Android user (Nexus One) and an Android developer too. Great to join this forum and hope you will like my apps.

  2. olbriar

    olbriar Moderator Moderator

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. We have a discussion area for your Nexus as well as an area for our developers that should prove interesting to you. Here are those links:
    Nexus One - Android Forums
    Android Development - Android Forums
    We also have a designated area for you to announce your apps. Please post your apps info there and only there:
    Application Announcements - Android Forums

    Currently we have a new thread in our social area where existing members are paying
    tribute to the new people that have just joined Android Forums. This is something
    the regular users thought up to give you some idea how the group truly welcomes you to these forums. I encourage you to check out the thread and say hello. We are really glad that you joined these forums. Here is a link to that thread:

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