Invalid arguments for wifi module bcm4329 insmod in the kernel

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    Dec 9, 2011
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    I have a the wireless device driver for the bcm4329 compiled for the kernel in the phone and then insert this module with these arguements. For the Nexus-one phone. I checked the path for firmware and nvram from the anrdoid/device/htc/passion-common/ file .Seems like it should be correct.
    insmod /system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko "firmware_path=/vendor/firmware/fw_bcm4329.bin nvram_path=/proc/calibration" I tried this as a superuser.
    insmod: init_module '/system/lib/modules/bcm4329.ko' failed (Invalid argument)
    <4>[21620.477569] wifi_set_power = 1
    <4>[21620.477813] mahimahi_wifi_power: 1
    <4>[21620.827453] wifi_set_carddetect = 1
    <6>[21620.827606] mahimahi_wifi_set_carddetect: 1
    <4>[21620.827789] mahimahi_wifi_set_carddetect: Nobody to notify
    <4>[21620.829254] Dongle Host Driver, version
    <4>[21632.832733] dhd_module_init: sdio_register_driver timeout
    <4>[21632.833496] wifi_set_power = 0
    <4>[21632.833923] mahimahi_wifi_power: 0
    <4>[21633.136260] wifi_set_carddetect = 0
    <6>[21633.136444] mahimahi_wifi_set_carddetect: 0
    <4>[21633.136627] mahimahi_wifi_set_carddetect: Nobody to notify
    If I get the arguments right I shud be able to insert this.


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