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  1. Emile Beaulieu

    Emile Beaulieu New Member

    I picked up this tablet for my son a couple of weeks ago for his birthday. So far we are happy with the tablet, but have one issue that is very annoying.

    The menu, home and back buttons along the bottom bezel are all but invisible until they are lit up, but they don't light up until you touch them. The home button isn't too bad to guess where it is because it is dead center of the tablet, but the back and menu buttons take some fumbling around to find them.

    Is there some way to just have the buttons backlight on whenever the screen is on?

  2. dedapr

    dedapr Member

    No, it's a major design defect in this model!
  3. socs

    socs New Member

    There is a very useful application called ITA1 Button marker which displays a small mark near the 'hidden' buttons. I have it on my A1 and it is really helpful. It is free and available at the Google Play Store.
    Hope this helps
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  4. dedapr

    dedapr Member

    That ITA1 program is great & fixes a major problem! Thanks for posting it.
  5. Emile Beaulieu

    Emile Beaulieu New Member

    ITA1 Button marker is an awesome app! Thanks for posting this. It's the next best thing to having the buttons themselves light up.

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