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Inviting all owners of Samsung Galaxy 551General

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  1. karthifcri

    karthifcri New Member

    has anyone installed flash playet in i551?
    i am unable to find it android market also cant able understand wen downloaded flash player from 3 rd person open source

  2. senthp

    senthp New Member

    has anyone tried installing ocl in 551 ?
    it says no space in /data
    is there any way to install apps in external SD ?
  3. thamizhank

    thamizhank New Member

    This is Muthamizh from chennai. i bought samsung i5510 from Univercell velacery. i feel in this mobile the battery backup is very low. since it is going to low level battery using 15 minutes gprs.

  4. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Doesnt OCLF need 1.5 GB internal memory to work ?I dont know anything about OCLF.What exactly you want to do ,install apps on SD card or bump up your phone speed.You can move part of apps to SD using application settings .Basically App2SD and SDMove do the same thing.
    Basically samsung has 173 MB internal memory.
    Just dont hog apps and the memory will be sufficient.
    You can try super one click to root and app2SD to move it to SD
  5. makhijanirohit

    makhijanirohit New Member

    i am a proud owner of galaxy 551...its awesome...i love the interface and tht it has a QWERTY. PLEASE LET ME KNOW SOMEONE THE ANSWER TO THE FOLLOWING PROBLEM--
  6. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    If the problem is after a phone restart then like my post above
    "Open the task manager
    IN the RAM menu ,clear level 1 and level 2 memory
    And hey presto ,the apps reappear in the app menu"

  7. jeralddeleon

    jeralddeleon Member

    pls , i need help .. i just bought my galaxy 551 yesterday and its shocking to discover that the battery life of this cellphone is very short , less than a day .. what is the best way to make the battery life longer? thanks ! and another question , can i set the theme of this cellphone?
  8. syehamj

    syehamj New Member

    I bought my galaxy 551 last month and facing issues.. need help..

    1) Battery backup is very low... when google apps are used...
    2) Not able to move some of the apps to SD
    3) When I restart the phone.. SD card content is not visible untill Iclear the RAM..

    Seems like lot of bugs that Samsung have to fix...
  9. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Yeah battery is very pathetic.Switch off 3G,wifi ,bluetooth ,GPS if not needed.
    Set brightness to lower side.Switch off gmail/FB/twitter while you are asleep ,or when battery is low.Use lower screen timeouts.Thats the basic thing i guess.

    Android phones don't have themes actually.They have launchers and you can customize launchers.It's a personal choice rather.I would say go for home++,Its beautiful and customizable.ADW ,sense ,helix,launcher pro,panda home are also ok-ish to nice.ADW has many themes though .There are many other launchers to choose from including the gingerbread launcher.Knock yourself out searching in market place.:D
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  10. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Some applications werent made to install in SD card .There is a script which actually makes it default to install applications in SD card but then they dont work properly or at all .So you have to manually shift the applications in internal memory.
    About the third problem ,it's not samsung only issue .It's actually a Froyo issue ,so i have read .hope they solved it in gingerbread and i hope samsung decides to give A gingerbread update to 551.
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  11. total drift

    total drift New Member

    hey guys
    i am also an owner of 5510.
    i bought the phone back in jan2011.
    the problems i read is common to all.

    since yesterday i started having the problem of getting 2 message multiple times. its happening only to few messages. random. first i thought its not a problem. and its just server issue but i read here that its a know issue.
    is there any fix yet.
    secondly i want to install 2.3 on my phone can anyone help?

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  12. oefox

    oefox New Member

    Hi, bought my partner a german i5510, we're in NZ

    Took a while to get WiFi to work but reserving a DHCP IP for the phone and resetting the phone fixed this and it now works perfectly.

    The default email program just doesn't work at all with her imap and exchange accounts. It will connect to the server but return and say incorrect username or password. Put K9 on it and the IMAP account works but the exchange server is 2010 which K9 won't work with so put on improved email which the exchange account works with but not the IMAP account...very frustrating

    Also cannot get her MMS to work. Internet APN works fine but MMS doesn't, also very frustrating.

    I bought myself a HTC desire Z at the same time, we both like having qwerty sliders, not a single issue with my phone.

    Hoping they roll out 2.2.1 soon to see if it fixes her problems.

    As for battery life, change the sync scheduling from push to something a little less intensive like 5 or 10 mins, this helps, she gets just over 2 days use from her phone.
  13. Atoz

    Atoz New Member

    Hi Guys,
    I am from Chennai basically and presently holidaying in the USA.
    My 551 hangs up after receiving a call. I got by set replaced prior to leaving India for the same issue. But the problem persists.
    I am forced to remove the battery and restart every time times it hangs up. Any idea why this happens?
    Regards and love

  14. jeralddeleon

    jeralddeleon Member

    heyya guys
    how can i move images from my internal memory to sd card memory ? please i need help
    and also how do you clean ur unit's case and mini keyboard :) ?? thanks !
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  15. splattx_x

    splattx_x Member

    Hello, I'm from Argentina. And byt your description of the problem I think I suffer from the same bug. I too got my phone replaced by the operator but the new one has the same problem. Sometimes after receiving a call the phone just won't unlock and only way to reset is removing the battery. I thought it was a problem with the operator's modified ROM but seeing you havea similar (or the same?) problem I'm guessing it affects all versions of the phone. Mine is GT-I5510L. I hope someone has already found a solution for this problem. I'll ask for a new phone tomorrow but I don't have much hope it will solve the problem
  16. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    hi guys,
    i am sunil from jaipur. i use galaxy 551.
    i have problem with my phone memory.
    i install only 19 application in phone memory and it consumes 47 mb memory but it shows a msg memory is low .
    i use app2sd app but suffring with its low phone memory space
    any solution help me
  17. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    1. you charge your phone continue after it shows charged it's give good backup.
    wifi, gps use when you needed bcoz it consume more battery

    2. i face this problem and have no solution .

    3. wait 5 min and again clear the ram 100 % it shows all your icon
    and one way to fix thix permanantly that is u install launcher pro in your device
  18. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Use sms app like Handcent sms /free message to back up message in sd card.Delete the sms from phone memory then.No solution for low memory space. Some applications cant be stored in SD card .
  19. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    today i face a new problem that is i install app in sd card but low memory msg comes why it shows when i use sd card memory.
    find solution to free space in phone memory
    hiw to uninstall completely in phone becoz some part of apps still remain in phone memory whether i use sd card memory or phone memory
  20. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Maybe you arent getting the point.Apps dont work from SD at all.They run from a special space in SD card,
    You cannot transfer a app completely from internal memory.
    Why you ask ,simple ,FAT is Prehistoric system.
    So either uninstall apps ,make a custom kernel or buy a new phone.
  21. C_M

    C_M New Member

    :confused: hey guyz..cn any1 suggest a Adobe reader/pdf file reader ??
  22. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Adobe Reader 10 is good .;) so is pdf viewer
    Documents to Go free version can view pdf,and MS office files.
    Too many options if you look .:D
  23. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    anyone has spb shell 3d for 3d visualisation
    its looking good.
    free version is not available in market
  24. allivazil

    allivazil New Member

    hello , got a problem i accidentally deleted all my inbox and i want to recover it all . but how?
  25. blufmaster

    blufmaster New Member

    Recently bought Galaxy 551 with big hopes...Issues
    1) Dictionary (XT9) option missing in samsung key setting..plz tell me the way to enable it
    2) Live wallapers option missing

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