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  2. stupidmoron

    stupidmoron Member

    hi, i'm from Indonesia, Galaxy user. you can call me Maria.
    got a little problem with the wi-fi, sometimes it say error when i try to active wi-fi connection. but i can get use to it, i always reboot it when it happen.

    i just got my galaxy rooted yesterday and still looking for the simplest way to moved apps to SD card without root explorer or using desktop. help could find any clue in this forum, still browse the topics now.
  3. stupidmoron

    stupidmoron Member

    hi Hosur, i rooted my G551 with Universal Androot (the best app for rooting IMO), created partition with Root All to SD, but i doesn't satisfied me since Root All to SD just moved some small part from an app.
    And now, i cannot use my galaxy on USB mode. pretty annoying...

    I've download link2SD though, still trying to find how to use it properly. I dont want to use root explorer since i think i have to be an advance user to try that.
  4. stupidmoron

    stupidmoron Member

    try download Call Filter from market.
  5. adarsh2397

    adarsh2397 Member

    Hi guys,
    I have Samsung Galaxy i5510. I have heard many people saying that this phone is not good like no good internet no good games. But trust me there are a hell lot of people trying to fix games for this phone. Also if all of you guys try to send a message to the developers then maybe they will think that there are many people who want that respective game. Anyway I can tell you all a way to download Nova and Gangstar West Coast Hustle for this phone.
    Nova: nova 240x320 .rar
    Gangstar West Coast Hustle: gangstar 240x320.rar
    They are not full screen but they can be played. Once I am able to get full screen I will surely help you.
    You can download swype at beta.swype on your phone.

    Guys even I need a help from you people, hope you will help for me helping you.
    I have EA Fifa 10 on my phone. It works perfectly but the only problem is its controls and onscreen keys. If I tap the keys then they will not respond. I have to slide on them. Even while playing and while selecting the kick off etc, options. Any help will be appreciated.
  6. jeralddeleon

    jeralddeleon Member

    hi . im jerald from Philippines..
    do we have a drawer wallpaper for android galaxy 551?
    and i just have heard we can no longer get the gingerbread update ? :mad:
  7. Chetan.Viper

    Chetan.Viper Member

    hey!! im chetan! how do i send music via bluetooth from the music player??
  8. jeralddeleon

    jeralddeleon Member

    no, u cant send songs via music player, u must go to the external memory folder and there find the music folder and send it there .
  9. mburaksayici

    mburaksayici Member

    i am the one from turkey.flash player __??__
  10. himanshu83in

    himanshu83in New Member

    This is himanshu from delhi, india
    I bought galaxy 551 in Feb'11.
    I want to know how to update system software (Android version) in this phone.2.3.3 is available now.
  11. himanshu83in

    himanshu83in New Member

    Turn off internet while playing this game...
    this is because of ads displyed while playing :)
  12. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Nope Samsung has ditched Galaxy 551 off the upgrade list AFAIK.
    So no upgrade to 2.3.3 for Galaxy 551 .
  13. anurag300

    anurag300 New Member

    i am havin a bit problem with the gprs.
    i dont know how to turn it on or off...................
    its really pissing mi off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    plzzz dude help mi out
  14. anurag300

    anurag300 New Member

    hello mumthiaz..............
    dis is anurag.
    plzz tellmi how to turn on gprs
  15. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    settings(left button) -->Wireless & Networks --> Mobile Networks -->Data Enabled
    Manual Page 92.
    Get apn settings from network provider FIRST!!
  16. udayvir

    udayvir Member

    minor problem .. so din feel like starting a new thread

    my launcher's AUTOROTATE has STOPPED working ... apps and other menus still autorotate but the home screen and application menu just wont....

    any ideas..?

    ps: i was experimenting with other launchers yesterday .. but i remember it was working after that

    UPDATE : tried BOTH a soft factory data reset(from settings) and a HARD RESET using the reset code .. both din work .. autorotate works fine with all other menus and aplications.. :(
  17. karandpr

    karandpr Well-Known Member

    Which Launcher/What app .TwLauncher has faulty Auto rotate.It's annoying .
    Open slid keyboard to check whether it rotates.If it does that means it can rotate but the launcher is not accepting the orientation sensor.

    P.S. :-It's better to make a seperate thread so it is easier for others with same problems to view.
  18. udayvir

    udayvir Member

    created a new thread ....

    btw... should i go in for a screen guard.. if yes do you recommend some specific company ....
  19. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    1.ne1 find flash player in android market.
    2.i have a problem with the charging of my phone, when i plug in charger sometimes it charge the phone sometime not.
    for charging, i have to wait for 8 to 10 hours or switching off the device and after it phone starts charging. can i install SPB SHELL 3D for free.
  20. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    try call control from android market.
    you see only missed call from that number means notification only

  21. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

  22. sunill1989

    sunill1989 Member

    go to file manager and choose share file
    list of option is displayed, select bluetooth
  23. rsk11584

    rsk11584 Active Member

    hi friends how are you all, im ravi thread starter really was busy did not get time to come and check this thread, lots of users have galaxy 551 now i guess, now im happy with this phone battery backup increases as time passes and as the phone is used ,, then only you can get about 2 days or 1.5 days with normal use...

    am looking for some hack to install gingerbread update, so checking out that now, any helps, suggestions
  24. Soori

    Soori Member

    Hello guys,
    I hav been using this phone since a month and i m quite satisfied..
    Considering price tag of Rs9,300 it s a value fr money..
    However my phone seems to have a defect
    When I am composing a txt msg & try using voice input error msg is displayed saying "connection error", however voice recorder works fine..
    The problem is with msging and voice search...
    Could any one help...
    Also is there going to be a andrd 2.3 update? I knw samsng hav nt releasd yet... But any chance in near future?

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