IP Cam Viewer Lite: A Saving Grace

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  1. rayatcal

    rayatcal Guest

    So I installed 16 Cameras for a client in San Diego and ounce finished he asked how he would check the cameras on his cell phone? I said the DLINK cameras dont support 3G browsing, the customer was very upset and said he wanted all the cameras removed because he travels and needs to remote view. So after heading back to the office I called my assistant and she informed me she found this app. After downloading it and testing it I was impressed very fast connect speeds and great picture quality. Thanks for saving this job IP Cam Viewer Ill use you many times over.

    Update : I did end up purchasing the full version for multiple cameras

  2. bellz123

    bellz123 Member

    I downloaded this app - could anyone give me step by step instructions as to how to now get my apple mac webcam connected so I can see it on the i cam app?

    Would really appreciate any advice. Thanks
  3. Irwinklink

    Irwinklink New Member

    Ever get back to you on how to set this up?

    I'm currently trying to figure it out on my PC
  4. manusvs650

    manusvs650 New Member

  5. anycool

    anycool Member

  6. blindman13

    blindman13 Well-Known Member

    Great app, use this app every day on the job. Once you boot up the app, just hit menu, manage cams, and add new cam.

    By far the best android app to view dvrs or ip cams.
  7. firo

    firo New Member

    Can anyone PLEASE help me with this ip cam viewer on android ?
    Contact me at : privatesection@yahoo.com

    I'll be greatful :(:)
  8. saxologist

    saxologist Well-Known Member

    I have spoken to the developer and he is awesome and will contact and discuss your issue and solution. I use on IPAD and android and both work. I have the full version. I can't on IPAD get the site up to erase my memory in the camera but have to do this through safari. I wish I could through the app. otherwise worth every penny.

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