iPhone 5 will be include SprintGeneral

Will you switch?

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  1. themartyred

    themartyred Active Member

    iPhone 5 will be included on Sprint

    According to the WSJ (wall st..... bah!), Sprint has an agreement to offer the iPhone 5.

    Will you switch? I believe I will. So tired of the delay and lock ups in this phone. My iPhone friends, despite having less control, don't have problems with their phones that make them want to throw their phones in a river! :cool:

  2. mhanos

    mhanos Member

    Nice! I'm ready to move from my Transform to the Iphone
  3. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    No thanks, Nexus Prime will probably be my next phone unless something with a keyboard better than the Shift, and running Android is released.
  4. themartyred

    themartyred Active Member

    Hey, TheAndroid! Good to see ya. Yeah, there will be better phones than this mess we all have, on Android, that's for sure. I will see what's out in a few weeks, but I'm 2/3 sure I'll get the iPhone 4/5. The price may scare me off, however. As there's some sweet Android phones, or will be shortly, that will be cheaper for sure. :)
  5. [TheAndroid]

    [TheAndroid] Well-Known Member

    Well remember the Epic Touch would be a pretty good choice as well. In fact I didn't think I would be this impressed with something from Samsung but after playing with this phone, I really would enjoy having it. :) By the time I have the cash to get it though I think the Prime will be out and I'll really have a hard time choosing a phone unless one has a very clear and distinct advantage over the other.

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