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  1. zerojjc

    zerojjc Member

    Hello everyone. I have a friend who just purchased the GS3 largely because I told her how much better it was than the iphone. She was going to get the free iphone 4, because a couple of her friends told her that was the best way to go. Her room-mate, who is one of my best friends, just got his GS3 two weeks ago. He also told her how awesome it was. So the day after she got it she posts on facebook that she got a new phone. Those iSheep friends of hers started basically bashing her choice and saying she failed, that the iphone was way better, and she was lied to by the people who said the gs3 was better (her room-mate and I). I, along with a couple friends, have already posted and supported her decision and brought up several reasons why her GS3 was superior. But the reason I am here is because I wanted to here from more Android/Tech/Phone gurus as to what you all think as well.
    She has one friend who was telling her that androids were unsecure, that they steal your information, that the apps running in background kill the battery, and that they get viruses from their inferior app market. He then goes on to tell her she should return the GS3 and get an iphone so that she could play games, text, and video chat with her friends/family who already have iphones. All of which I know you can do cross platform regardless.
    So anything you all can add to the cause and help keep a fellow android from going over to the darkside :evil: would be appreciated.

  2. zerojjc

    zerojjc Member

    Well since no one has any comments i decided to post what her "iphone friends" have been saying:
    " - What?! What happened to the iPhone?! You fail at this game!!!
    - Actually it's not better than the iPhone, you've been lied to. And the whole app thing, you get better apps with iPhone. I'm so disappointed.
    - Take it back!
    - I'd be proud if you had gotten a good phone :p
    - When you have problems with your phone, don't whine about it!
    - While the Galaxy sIII has some amazing (and amazingly creepy) new technology, I've found "tech geeks", in general, seem to prefer Apple over Android for speed, reliability and overall quality.
    - Cough. Speed, reliability, overall quality. Cough.
    - I've heard Androids in general start out fast, but lose speed real quick.
    - Yeah, the Galaxy S III is so awesome that somebody — ANYBODY — can factory-reset your phone (erasing all your data) just by putting a single line of code in their website.
    - There are no rules about apps' resource usage, so many apps destroy your battery by always running in the background (even though a lot of people call that a feature!).
    - There are no rules about what they can and can not do on the phone, or what data they're allowed to access. This makes it easy to write malware — software that steals your personal information, or is basically a "virus" — and a TON of bad people out there do.
    - malware doesnt exist on the iphone
    - with iphone you can all play games with each other, do video chat for free, send text- and picture messages for free and in higher quality, and use all the same apps together.
    - Plus they sold 5 million iPhone 5s in 3 days (!!!) and tens of millions of iPads every quarter. How many of your friends are going to have them too?"
  3. SteveFury

    SteveFury Member

    Well, I'm a recent iPhone convert.

    I was a Windows Mobile user for quite a while for several years, then I bought the (then) new iPhone 3 in 2009 to see what it was about. I recall being extremely disappointed because I couldn't transfer any files or apps to it except through iTunes sync, and only the things which Apple would allow. I had lost a freedom for a fancy trendy phone. I considered it a mistake. But I got used to the multitude of limitations.

    Then I wanted some programs which were available on other devices, but Apple would not allow me to put on my iPhone. (It's like Apple owned my phone not me).

    Apple only allows 5 computers to be used for syncing any one device. You can access your account at Apple to remove all 5 of those computers together, should you need it. But you can only do that once a calendar year.
    I had 3 computers registered to sync with. 3 out of 5. Then I had a series of computer OS crashes which required reloading of the OS. Once restored I tried to re-register them in iTunes so I could sync my phone.

    iTunes refused the register, saying I already had 5 out of 5 computers registered.
    That really, really very much ticked me off.
    I had to go through the hassle of calling Apple, talking to a representative and explaining everything so they can let me use my own phone again.

    Now, when I had 5 iOS devices it was a form of paranoia when ever one of my computers showed signs of getting flaky and the 1st thing I had to do was UN-register my Apple account with the computer or risk being locked out of iTunes sync again, should the computer crash.

    I had stuck with Apple for future phones simply because I had invested hundreds of $$ worth of iOS applications. A ball and chain.

    Another big blow of disgust happened when they released iOS5 and introduced "Newsstand" which is a magazine subscription service through Apple. That in itself isn't so bad, except Apple doesn't allow you to hide it out of sight in a folder somewhere, they require you to keep it on your desktop. Some sales gimmick.

    It truly pushed me over the edge when iOS6 came out and introduced another similar Apple sales gimmick called "Passbook". Apple wants you to buy all your movie, travel and entertainment purchases through them by using yet another permanently forced desktop icon. You can't hide it away in a folder, Apple won't let you.

    I think the iPhone is a truly remarkable and great set of hardware, but unfortunately it's tied to Apple which I found extremely distasteful in their business practices and the way they treat customers.

    Apple+iPhone make a great and unique cellphone combination for someone who doesn't mind having their smartphone experience 100% controlled by Apple, as it forces itself upon its consumers by string and carrot.

    It's like someone else's dad taking you out for dinner. You really, really want to go out and dine at restaurant "A" but since dad is driving, you must go to restaurant "B" because he says so.
    But that's OK, he'll let you choose between either this plate or that plate, as long as he approves (and keeps a % of the tip for himself before leaving).

    Will a person just accept what "dad", the cellphone manufacturer says you can- and can not have, what you can have access to or what you can not do with your own phone? Yes, a lot of people accept it. Blindly and gladly. They also do the same regarding other things, but that's not a topic here.

    My family of 5 all have wireless data lines. We all had iOS devices and my wife wanted me to upgrade to the new iPhone 5. Me? I had my fill of Apple and its Draconian regulations, restrictions and limitations. I had to break away so I began researching Android.

    I've had my Samsung Galaxy S3 for less than a week, and the transition from iOS to Android is slow but steady. Even as I get used to it, I like my S3 much better than my iPhone 4. Not because it's faster, has a bigger screen and double the memory... but for the freedom from Apple.

    I can breathe.

    I don't know if that will help with your friend or not. I felt good writing it though.:smokingsomb:
  4. djeaux

    djeaux Active Member

    Just two observations:

    1. Anybody who thinks the Galaxy S3 has "creepy" technology, obviously never read the Apple EULA. That is creepy. Big Steve's dead, but he still owns your phone? I don't think so.
    2. "Tech geeks" like to tinker & tweak. The only (and I repeat, only) was to do that on an iPhone is an EULA violation. When I picked up my S3, the sales manager at my carrier's store chatted with me about Android & told me he would be rooting his new S3 this weekend. When I asked if rooting my phone would void the warranty, he said, "We don't care, really." Hmmm...
    Moreover, I abhor iTunes being forced down my throat. I much prefer just hooking up the USB & loading my media on the phone without using spyware. And I certainly don't want my stuff stored in a "cloud" owned by a company that was founded on "control freak" principles! I trust Google. I haven't trusted Apple since the early 80s.

    I think your friend is getting flak because her's is bigger than their's. :p
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  5. zerojjc

    zerojjc Member

    Thanks guys. And I dont see how Smart Stay is creepy, too me its awesome. I think that person posting it was jealous because they have a screen time out when they are reading and the S3 has fixed that. Any one else have any input?
  6. jeeptecb

    jeeptecb Well-Known Member

    one of the guys at work had a Motorola droid something a rather. he liked the phone but he dropped it broke the screen and Verizon said your due for an upgrade. so he bought an I phone 4. i was shocked. but he did say it is so much easier to use.he also had some other positive comments about his new old model 4. that's when i closed my ears i have and GS3.
  7. Todesengel

    Todesengel New Member

    I had to register just to post in this one thread...

    WHO CARES WHAT PHONE SHE BOUGHT?! Do you really give enough crap that you had to come on another forum, and post a 3rd party chat log via facebook from your friend? Does it make you feel better having people side with you? Seriously, just ridiculous.

    They both have their advantages. Apple makes a great phone, great product, and for less techie people, this is the best and most obvious choice. Their hardware blows ANY android out of the water hands down. Think of it as a Rolex. Yes apple has a lockdown on things, but with any jailbreak there is a way around it. It has lower hardware specs, but still out performs the American s3.

    Now for us tech folks that love to tinker, change out roms and kernels to get the absolute best performance from our phones the Android is great. But they are also cheaper and not nearly as well engineered. Yes they have more features, but to access the same features the iphones have, you have to jump through like 6 more steps. Think of android like a timex watch. Cheaper and more features, but it's not a rolex...

    And the Play store is not even remotely as safe as the itunes store. Google does NO code reviews on apps. It is easy for somebody to insert malicious code if they want to. Why do you think so many anti-viruses exist for Android and not Iphone? Because of Apples walled garden. Some of you think of it as a curse, but for people that don't have much tech experience and don't know what the hell they are doing, its a godsend.

    2-3 years ago, the Iphone was the absolute best phone on the market. Now that android has had some time to catch up, they are on par. Same apps, similar performance. Android has more features, but the Iphone is far more well engineered than any android handset. Not to mention Apple has excellent customer service, and will not hesitate to replace a handset if you have any issues.

    THE ONLY THING that has me hanging on to my S3 and not going to the Iphone 5 is SIXAXIS!!!
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  8. johnnylighton

    johnnylighton Well-Known Member

    I have had both, and my wife has the iPhone 5. I think the iPhone platform is a far better choice for most people. It is extremely easy to use, rock solid, and friendly. You don't have to think to use it. The apps are more mature and more plentiful. Also, the iPad "3" is a great device and everything syncs easily from phone to tablet.

    I like my S3 very much, but it is more complicated, less stable, less consistent to use across apps, and the battery life requires continual thought and planning. I would recommend it highly to people who know tech, otherwise you can't go wrong with an iPhone, especially the 5.
  9. GoldenDiamond

    GoldenDiamond Well-Known Member

    tech geeks don't prefer iphone.
    they are pulling that out of their.... sun don't shine place.
    Speed is debatable, and so is reliability and overall quality.

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  10. Tman5293

    Tman5293 Well-Known Member

    Tell your friend that she needs to add all of us to her friends list so we can destroy the sheeple with facts and intelligence. It is painfully obvious that they have neither.
  11. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

  12. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

    I think it's funny to read of the unsupported "facts" iPhone users have about the S3 (or Android in general)... it has viruses, it crashes all the time, games are not as good, app store, etc. I'm just not sure where they get all of these "facts". It's clear that they don't know either. Just ask one.

    Here are some other "facts".... NFC works very well on the iPhone. It's easy to swap out the batter in the iPhone. The home screens can be set up in anyway you want... taylor them just how _you_ want them. You can add several widget to every home screen. Connecting the iPhone to any computer to transfer files without using bloated software is very nice. Storing GB's of video, photos, and music on the iPhone's SD card is easy. It's nice to be able to increase the external memory in the iPhone.

    And the number one fact..... it's easy to get there from here with the iPhone!
  13. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

  14. TobesEtc

    TobesEtc Well-Known Member

  15. ylexot

    ylexot Well-Known Member

  16. Grantluvsbeer

    Grantluvsbeer Member

    I am an iPhone 4 user and am a couple of months from upgrading my phone to a new one.
    I am VERY interested in the GS3 4g but like all iPhone owners I am not sure how to go about transferring all my contacts, music, photos. How did you perform this operation and what software if any did you use.
    I am attracted to the GS3 for a few reasons- expandable memory, pc integration, functionality and less restrictions to name a couple.
  17. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    Samsang kies has a itunes look and works similar this will allow you to add you music, movies and pictures
  18. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    Ask the iphone users to set a song from their music list as a ringtone and then ask them to send a video from their phone.

    Repeat this question to the S3 owner.
  19. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Let him buy one, then everyday show him something he can't do with his iPhone.

    It's fun.
  20. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    well i wish this was 100% true, i only get teh set as option in the music player if the MP3 is less than 2MB
  21. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    What happens if you try to set it from Settings>Sound>Device Ringtone?
  22. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    when i do it this way I have to have the mp3 in a folder called Ringtones on my SDcard for them to appear in the list, to add rintones in the Music app they only work if its less than 2MB

    when i use a different Music Player app from the play store I can set any MP3 as a rintone from the app which then adds to my Device Ringtone list

    kind of annoying because i like the default Music Player best of the ones i tried

    For now when I add Music to my device I just descide than if would also use it as a ringtone than I add it a second time to the Ringtones folder i created
  23. r34gtrgodzilla

    r34gtrgodzilla New Member

    I have just sold my Iphone 4S on ebay and bought a new GS3, and wow I am so impressed with this phone. I bought the Iphone 3 years ago and was pretty much the bees knees back then, but I always hated Itunes.

    Having used my GS3 for nearly a week I will never go back to "communist Apple", they have had their time in the sun IMO, and now it's time for Android/Google to shine and show the world how it's done.

    I have always admired google and the way they see the world of business, and it is truly amazing such a huge company still exists in this day and age of greed and power.

    I hope to see the demise of Microsoft Windows on a large scale into the future and hopefully squash the Apple ball and chain business strategies.
    You can demand respect only for so long, but in the end true respect and admiration comes from honestly respecting the very people you want the respect in return from.

    I have lost respect for Apple, and they have brought it upon themselves, it is only a matter of time until waves of people will see the same thing.........a wolf in sheeps clothing.
  24. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    Jobs' biography really soured me to Apple. I always pictured him as a beneign visionary with gentle monk-like qualities. Reading his book I see that he was actually more of a maniacal, condescending, tyrrant which is a personallity type I have a particular distaste for...

    ...though I still think Apple's products are 'cool' and set a very high bar. Without them, we'd still be using dumb flip phones and clunkly desktop computers. Capitalism works!
  25. Glad you posted this as I tend to have trouble with this way I say things.

    OP, this isn't directed at you, because I am addressing the issue, not the poster, per forum rules. I value you as a member of this community.

    Why in the world would it matter if someone wanted to get rid of one device in favor of another? That's on them. If they have a question for me, I'll gladly answer it and if they want an opinion, I'll provide one. As to whether or not they make the "right" decision, that is up to the end user. If they make a decision they ultimately regret based on some bad information from biased persons, well, tough break. Do better homework. I guess I don't see the point in trying to find ammo for an argument that is so senseless. My coworker has an iPhone and not once has the thought of trying to talk him out of it ever crossed my mind.

    Strange world we live in.
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