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  1. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    Wow. I wouldn't have registered to post any of that info, since it is wrong. I've owned many ios devices over the years, even put some of my own tweaks on Cydia, but you really need to do your own research and stop reading propaganda sites like AppleInsider or MacRumors. Your Rolex analogy was the tip off, by the way.

    1. Realize that the hardware in the iPhone is made by companies like Samsung, LG and Sharp. Just because many Android manufacturers choose to use lighter polycarbonate material, does not mean the hardware is crap. By your logic, a Chevy Corvette would be a crap car.

    2. iTunes/App Store and security: Between the App Store and Google play, which one had the most recent large scale Malware infection? Between the iPhone and any Android phone, which one can view the permissions of the app before installation.
    Now, I have spent thousands of dollars on itunes and the app store and in the last 5 years, my account was hacked twice! Luckily, I check my bank info regularly and stopped the thiefs before the got very far. You know how easy it has been for people to call Apple and get a persons account info changed, so I can control it? Do a Google search and see.
    Apple is not this pristine perfect little world people think it is.

    I don't post this to argue with you or belittle you, I simply want you to research this info yourself, instead of regurgitating Apple propoganda. I do agree with you about Apple's Customer Service and telling the less tech inclined people to go Apple. I mean, the iPhone is literally a dumpphone that can surf the web and video chat. It's perfect for your 90 year old grandma.

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  2. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    You mean like attaching a pic and a document to an email? Download a torrent? Use a file manager? Place an icon anywhere you want on the screen? Connect periferal usb and bluetooth devices to it, like a mouse? Be able to alter your keyboard if you don't like the stock one?
    Things like these? :smokingsomb:
  3. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Yep and now you can add youtube and google maps. :D

    Theres also the ability to play almost any media format that exists, not only can you download a video from a torrent source you an also play it without searching for another video player, same for music.

    The idea of having to convert all my media just seems insane and very backwards considering it's 2012.
  4. Covart

    Covart Well-Known Member

    CNET just did a step by step "How to" guide for this very question. Contacts requires a csv file to be exported from your iphone to computer and then to your S3.
    You don't need any program to move all your pics and vids. Buy a micro sd card for your S3 (make sure it comes with a regular sd adaptor, so you can plug it into your computer,) then open the folder where your itunes vids and music is stored on your pc, copy and paste to your micro sd card. Stick card in phone. Done. BTW, since you have converted your view to m4v or mov format, you can play them with the stock vid player on the S3. If you hav3 avi or mkv files, you will need an aftermarket vid player to watch these formats, like the free MX Player app.
  5. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Nope, The Galaxy S3 stock video player handles them just fine.
  6. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    Thats strange, my current ringtone is a 7 MB file and just set a 70+ MB file as one and it didnt tell stop me :confused:
  7. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    im starting to think its my carrier that put some restriction on it, very frustrating
  8. Yatezy

    Yatezy Well-Known Member

    It does seem like there is an unnecessary restriction in place
  9. davoid

    davoid Well-Known Member

    If you have a file explorer app installed, such as ES File Explorer, then when you go to change the ringtone through Settings>Sound>Device Ringtone you should have two options: as well as using the system (which uses the Ringtones folder) you should also have an option to use the explorer to browse to whichever audio file you wish, anywhere on the phone.
  10. Heisenberg123

    Heisenberg123 Well-Known Member

    thanks ill give it a try

    edit: thanks this method deos work
  11. MicroNix

    MicroNix Well-Known Member

    I'm sure it depends on what codec you encoded the AVI with. There are plenty of choices out there.
  12. aznguyen316

    aznguyen316 Well-Known Member

    My fiancee who has an iPhone would never care to do any of this stuff. She hates my s3 though. Can't navigate it. My mom has an s2 and none of that stuff matters to her either Haha. I did have to go into her s2 and remove all these auto downloaded bikini pictures and installed a virus scanner... /shrug some features aren't for everybody
    Different strokes for different folks.
  13. Kuhns787

    Kuhns787 Well-Known Member

    This was a big deal for me and part of why I am an android fan! I want to control my music on the go without having to convert music or us itunes. If my friend sends me a funny sound clip and I want to use it for a ringtone all I have to do is save it to my phone and BAM! there it is.
  14. Stuntman

    Stuntman Well-Known Member

  15. Shocky

    Shocky On Probation

    Of course it does, there will always be some not supported but they are rare, I've never found any AVI or MKV files I can't play on my Galaxy S3.

    I'm sure if I went looking for video using obscure video codecs I would find something that wont play but I don't.
  16. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    As a friend and colleague of zerojjc, I'd just like to welcome him to AF. You're in good company with like-minded folks.
  17. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member


    [SARCASM]I would tell her to take it back. Maybe she would be better without a phone. If someone is so insecure (read that as the Apple folks in this scenario AND your friend) that she needs someone else to tell her what to buy and or take back because it is not "cool" then maybe a phone is just too much?[/SARCASM]

    I give my iPhone 5 buddy crap and he returns it in kind about my S3. It is all in good fun and really it boils down to this "WHO CARES?". I know this is sometimes hard for people but just be happy with who/what/where you are and with the decisions you have made (unless they are truly negative decisions :) ; but we are only talking about a phone here).

    My favorite answer to friends with questions like these are: Here are the details of each device/choice please do NOT believe me about this information. Read it yourself and make the best decision available "FOR YOU". This is usually the same method I use on forums. I would much rather provide a link to recognized "authority figures" and let someone choose/figure it out of themselves.
  18. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Some of those statements are either spoken out of ignorance or just downright dumb. I'm an IT Professional and while some of us have iPhones, others have Android (me included). There a true pros and cons for each device but the case these other people make mostly just misses the boat. While the iphone is pretty much a solid device, Apple's control over the whole Apple world is just suffrocating. A lot of it has been mentioned here but I'll just make a short list of what I find the most annoying:
    1. Password every darn time you use app store
    2. Have to call Apple for all software questions for which they'd like to charge you
    3. Can't just drag and drop files at will, forced to use iTunes
    4. While phone is well made, it also breaks unbelievably easy if you drop it
    5. To small - always pinching to see things
    6. proprietary charging port
    7. No widgets and NO back button (navigating is a PAIN)
    8. iCloud looks like a kid designed it (regardless of how well it might work)
    9. Little if any customization
    10. No SD card slot
    11. No removeable battery
    12. No NFC (Really Apple? c'mon)
    13. No Google Maps any more (how's that working out for you?)

    These are but a few and others can add more I'm sure. All I know is that I gave up my iPhone 4s to get the S3 and I have not regretted it for one moment.
  19. Ches111

    Ches111 Well-Known Member

    On top of what I said before. Just tell her friends (loosely used term) to "Get Bent! How about supporting her for her decision you bunch of D-Bags?"

    Yeah that about sums all this up! :)
  20. SteveFury

    SteveFury Member

    Me, personally have about 20 contacts so I just entered them manually.

    I had a 3rd party Contacts manager on my iPhone which can save all of them onto a universal CSV file. I have seen Android contact apps which can restore CSV contact backup files. I'd use those types of apps if I had a large number of contacts to transfer.

    One unexpected improvement from my iPhone 4 to S3 is internet transfer speed. My IP4 was around 2-3MBPS and my S3 is 14-18MBPS. Blazing.
  21. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    I also used a csv file. A little clunky but it gets the job done. I have experienced both Apple's and Google's cloud and I just prefer Google's. It's more flexible and, in my opinion, more professional looking. An added benefit is if you decide at some point to use Google Voice. It uses the same Google contact list as GMAIL (obviously). The whole Google experience is more vast and does so much more. I imagine iPhone users might argue the point but Apple simply doesn't have the wealth of apps available that Google does.
  22. SteveFury

    SteveFury Member

    I am reviving this old thread simply to say that I love my S3 and very glad I didn't get the iPhone 5.

    I bought a 64 gig card from Amazon and an extended battery just before Christmas, both was around $70 including shipping.

    Wow holy geeze.... I have a total 80gig storage capacity and my battery capacity is outrageous. If I use my phone for a few calls a day it will last almost a week between charge. If I use it almost constantly to play games, surf and other busy work it will last all day and have almost 60% battery remaining. And that's with the screen auto brightness turned off, turned 3/4 toward the bright side.

    Some friends of mine made the mistake of going with iPhone 5. I see at&t is charging $400 for a 64gig model with a 2-year contract and Amazon lists them for around $630 for only 16gig.

    If I got an iPhone 5 with my at&t account I'd have paid ~210 more (Including the Samsung upgrades). I'd have a phone with substantially less memory and dramatically less battery life.

    According to reviews the iPhone 5 users are satisfied with a phone that lasts only 8-10 hours and will go dead the next day unless recharged the night before. I wasn't happy with my OEM Samsung battery but this extended version is awesome.

    I'm not sure why anyone would want a sub-par smartphone and pay substantially more for it.
    Oh, other than "It's an iPhone". Oh, and they're still chained to Apple's EULA, DRM and control of their phone software.
  23. StandingCow

    StandingCow Well-Known Member

    Good lord, who cares what kind of phone someone has? If you like androids buy them, if you like iphones buy those....

    People are weird. She needs to tell her "friends" to go do something unnatural to themselves.
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  24. neatheyc

    neatheyc Member

    Out of interest, what extended battery did you buy? Does it make the phone bulky?
  25. tc5998

    tc5998 Member

    Also wonder this
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