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iphone o2 contract sim working in desire (Browse All)

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  1. dunbad

    dunbad Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Apr 22, 2010
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    I've now got my desire working with the sim card taken from my still active o2 contract. I was told by o2 at the time when I first got the iPhone that it would be unlimited internet and because it was the iPhone, there would be no fup. I could stream as much as I liked.

    Now I've swapped handsets has anyone done anything similar with an o2 iphone sim and been billed for data for straying away from the iphone? I canned the data in my iphone and ran up 2 or 3 gig a month and heard nothing from them. So I can only conclude there was indeed no fup, but they kinda mentioned it was only for the iphone. Anyone been caught out? I wanna keep my number in my desire, but don't wanna get some huge bill!


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