Iphone to Inspire surprises me

  1. GotDebt

    GotDebt New Member

    My first post, so its basically my thoughts on the little surprises that awaited me from the Iphone switch. I am pretty darn happy about this purchase so it INSPIREd my to post this.

    I had a 3G so the speed difference alone is superb. The Inspire really takes advantage of my wifi too. Blazing fast. The processor is very snappy compared to Iphone. Things open, close and move about very quickly.

    The biggest difference for me is the style and elegance of the Iphone interfact vs. the Inspire. The Android phone is more like a computer. The Iphone is simple, but you have to give Apple marks; it's very elegant as well. Its pretty. My Inspire is more powerful. And with the huge screen and sleek body of the Inspire, It comes darn close to the Iphone.

    I got my phone two days ago and have been cramming to learn about it. I have invested much more time on this machine than the Iphone and the layout just wasn't as intuitive as the Iphone. But again, the Iphone allows zero customizing so while Android is a little overwhelming, I am more than pleased with how I have my phone set up.

    I was very worried about ringtones, pictures and my music. Although initially I couldn't get this figured out, I was INSPIREd to make this post because I am shocked, absolutely shocked that my Itunes ringtones and music play on my phone with no real effort on my part. Sure, I had to download a ringtone program JUST to get a ringtone folder set up on the SD caxrd. But I installed HTC sync and sync'd up my photos and a special playlist I made for the HTC Insight in Itunes. Boom, seamlessly transferred over the songs and photos, and the songs played perfectly. And the damn album artwork transferred over too. So Amazingly, there are no worries for Iphone owners. Heck, you can just continue using Itunes. Even my Iphone corded headset that came with it allows me to talk on it with this phone. Just plugged 'er right in and can take calls with it.

    Personally, I think the Android is a little more work, but thanks to you folks on this forum, I was able to navigate around it pretty decently. I got some of the recommended apps and after playing around with them, I can see some real value in these items. I always felt like my Iphone was something more than a phone. I TRULY feel that way about my Inspire now. But I think of my Inspire more now like a small computer and my Iphone now more like a consumer toy.

    I look forward to seeing what else you guys come up with. I am not sure I will root the phone and am excited to "hopefully" get the LTE upgrade and gingerbread OS. And I actually have to give thanks to AT&T. When I found out I could upgrade and get this phone for free AND KEEP my unlimited data plan? It was a no brainer. Great phone.

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  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Welcome to the forums, GotDebt. <--- My heart goes out to you if you've really got debt. :D

    I moved your post out of Tips and Tricks because that sub-forum is for offering suggestions on the Inspire for functionality, etc. This area here, the bigger, generic Inspire forum, is more suited to general discussion such as you brought up.

    And that's a great first post. I'm sure it'll draw comments from other former (or current) iPhone users who now have an Android device.

    We see many here around the various device forums making comparisons, most seem to feel that Android has much more to offer than iPhone, and that the transition is a lot of fun and quite eye opening. ;)
  3. oldchap

    oldchap Member

    What are some of the recommended apps you downloaded?
  4. scorpiopantera

    scorpiopantera Active Member

    I dropped my iPhone 3GS in my garage. Went to At&t the next day and picked up the Inspire 4G. My iPhone was jailbroken, I had everything I could ask for. I do really like this phone. It is my first Android too.

    My one gripe, the Market is very weak. I miss the App Store.
  5. satoups

    satoups Member

    Same here first Droid I own. Came from a 3GS without any complaints. Wanted to venture out and try something new. Really no complaints other than the speaker volume. When playing videos and such, they should activate the front speaker and do a better job with the ringtone volumes. Other than the sound, its been a fun device to explore.

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