Iphone to Motorola Device WIFITips

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    Jun 16, 2011
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    This method is for Iphone's who have DATA PLAN and you be able to connect to your Motorola Xoom WIFI Version into 3G Capability on your Motorola Xoom Tablet.

    PS: No ROOTING is Required :D

    You got to Jailbreak your Device in order to do this process

    Step 1
    Jailbreak your Iphone

    Step 2
    Download Crack of Wi FI 4 on Iphone

    Step 3
    once you got WI FI on Iphone click on Bluetooth device and Wifi on

    Step 4
    Go into your Motorola Xoom WIFI Tablet and turn off WIFI

    Step 5
    Click on Bluethooth

    Step 6
    You will see a popup icon from the Iphone to your Motorola WIFI Device
    Click on Tools Icon and click on Connect and know you are connected with Bluetooth....


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