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  1. KDUBOSE81

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    Hello everyone, I currently have an iPhone4, and I have been reading up on the Android network. I've only been researching for a couple of day, and I've read lots of interesting Android capabilities that Apple doesn't offer! I have a quick question for anyone who wouldn't mind answering for me... Is there an Android app that will allowe to lock the GPS location of a Motorola Atrix as that of my PC's personal home WiFi connection?

  2. scary alien

    scary alien not really so scary Moderator

    Welcome to the AndroidForums, KDUBOSE81.

    I think what you are asking about is tethering your PC to your phone to serve as its wi-fi hotspot? (although I don't really get how the GPS would be related, so maybe I'm misunderstanding what you are asking...?).

    If you are asking about the wi-fi / hotspot thing, then the answer is yes if your carrier supports / sells a wi-fi hotspot feature / service. There are "other" methods, but we refrain from discussing them here so as to not be seen as aiding folks in subverting their carrier's contracts.

    Cheers and let us know if you get an Android device...there's lots of great ones out there.

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