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  1. hposeys4

    hposeys4 New Member

    I have gone from the iPhone5 to this galaxy s4 and all the users still using iPhones have to manually send as text to message me. Ive talked to apple twice and they have removed my number but it still hasn't fixed it. Had anyone had this? Please let me know how to get this fixed. Help!

  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    You have to use your iPhone to remove it from iMessage. It doesn't always work if you remove it any other way. Ask Verizon (I'd do this in a store, maybe talking to a manager) to do an ESN swap to the iPhone long enough for you to remove it from iMessage, then swap back to your S4.

    And your friends will have to accept at least one of your texts (each) as texts, not iMessages, to default their phones to treat your messages as texts.

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