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iPod Shuffle

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  1. VincentAnoid

    VincentAnoid Well-Known Member

    I'm thinking of getting the latest generation iPod Shuffle to just play music. I'm attracted to this because of the large play, volume, skip buttons etc. I would go for something else but seems like the only MP3 Player which offers the best usability on the go. One question though, will I have to use iTunes to transfer music from my computer to the iPod/MP3 player, I've been told that it is highly dependant on iTunes :( I hate it because it bogs down my computer.
    I've also heard that you can view and transfer files by drag and drop just by altering the folder options in Windows Explorer? Folder options> Show all hidden files and folders?

  2. zoxxo

    zoxxo Well-Known Member

    You might run into troubles with the new ipods. I just checked winamps specs, and they state that the new nano and touch are not supported. I imagine that this will be fixed, but it will probably take a while before it happens...
  3. VincentAnoid

    VincentAnoid Well-Known Member

    Do you think I will be able to use the iPod without any other software such as Winamp? I just want to use Windows Explorer for it

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