iRobot 7" aPad Android 2.3 wifi connection problems

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  1. howardblythe

    howardblythe New Member

    Hi have a new MID device (EM73)

    I can connect at 'home' without trouble WPA2/PSK
    I cannot connect at 'work' with WPA2/PSK

    The SSID is located and the password is all correct.
    The tablet loops through 'Scanning...' , 'Connecting...' and finally 'Disconnected...'

    The 'work' router is a Draytek Vigor 28006 issuing DHCP dynamic IP addresses to a variety of PC's, Macs, iPhone, iPads and Blackberries ... all of which access the network happily.

    I have restarted the router ... with no change

    - Does anyone know why the tablet would have a problem?
    - Are there any known issues with this tablet and my work router?
    - Are their any apps which I can download at home, which will help me connect at work?

    I would appreciate any assistance.

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  2. mabebeh

    mabebeh New Member

    yes, me too. someone the sifu please help us...
  3. boriszzz

    boriszzz New Member

    I've got two different model ereader tablets (7 inch) runing 2.3, neither of which can connect to a WEP router although they recognise the router and signal strength is excellent. No sleep mode. reboot ereader and router, reset ereader - nothing. sometimes it says obtaining IP address from the router then disconnected.

    A solution would be nice.
  4. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Have you tried giving the router a static IP address?

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