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Irritating - Can't Seem to Clear Google SearchSupport

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  1. Ave

    Ave New Member

    I'm extremely irritated - I can't seem to clear my search history in Google Search. Please note, I am NOT trying to clear my browser history but rather my search history.

    Here's what i'm doing:

    1) Navigating to Google Search app
    3) Once there, I see my recent search topics. I then click the MENU button
    5) Login in to my Google account
    6) It takes me to the REMOVE ITEMS screen
    7) Once there, it says that my search history is currently empty. This is lie, I already told you above that I have search items and the app itself tells me so.

    What gives? What's up with this incredibly crappy tool??? What good is a clear search option if it doesn't work??????

    Can someone just explain to me how this works?

    One other question - since I now have a Gmail account, shouldn't I be able to sign in with this account from any browser? When I try going to www.google.com/history on my PC and then try to sign in, it says that the account doesn't exists?

    Crappy tools.

  2. SandersJC64

    SandersJC64 Well-Known Member

    You are talking about the list of search items that drops down when you hit google search? If so, then those are shortcuts that are created when you do a google search. Go to Menu>Search Settings and select Clear shortcuts. That will empty that list.
  3. Drakon

    Drakon Active Member

    the above reference works or you can always go to settings>manage applications>google search>clear data.

    which is how i have cleared it in the past.

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